This needs to be stopped, this is a Hazard to every living organism on this rock, we call earth. If this is not stopped, this can verry well be the biggest "BP Disaster event " ever, and it wont matter because we wont be here any more. We got to stop it, we got alternate energy's in other places other then Wind, Sun, and Water that we refuse to look at simply on the basis that its not profitable, and sadly by that... we have already decided that money is more valuable to us, then human life. In a last min effort to help push what the potentials are here, im going to recommend a video to everyone called "GasHole" and would like to point out the size of the natural gas map overlay, and give you a question or two. 1 - That "Sea" of gas - If anything goes wrong in them zones, that span states almost sea to sea, what makes you think we can fix it? 2 - Do You think - Do you think that we as Canadians, are running a better Process then America? - Answer - Not really. Im only in my early 20's and im honestly scared for my future. theres only 3% of fresh water and most of it is deemed un-drinkable from pollution and other processes, ( Blue Gold (Movie) Recommend* ) Why should we take more fresh water and mix it with fracking fluid to do this? this is all wrong, simply put. In my life we will have mass water-wars, and more then likely they will all be in secret. We must stop this, And we can.