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Ford and the Future of Carbon Pricing in Ontario: Part I

(Photo: Mark Blinch)

It was announced on June 15th by Premier-designate Doug Ford that his first act in office as the Premier of Ontario will be to cancel the province’s cap-and-trade scheme. To boot, Ford plans to go one step further by challenging the federal government in its mission to impose a carbon tax on all provinces that do not implement their own carbon pricing plan. This news comes as part of Ford’s promise to “take immediate action to…bring [Ontarians’] gas prices down”. 

UPDATE: Sierra Club's Michigan Chapter opposes OPG's Deep Geological Repository proposal in submission to LAMP

In April 2017, we provided an update on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's (CEAA) criticism that OPG's report on its Lake Huron Deep Geological Repository (DGR) project proposal was inadequate and failed to provide information the government had requested, asking it to try again. This resulted in a delay in the Federal Minister's decision on the project until later next year. 

We Marched for Jobs, Justice and the Climate - and made history!

Marchers posing
This past Sunday over 10,000 people (some reports saying closer to 15,000) flooded Toronto to take a stand for climate justice and a green economy. The march began in Queen's Park outside Ontario's legislature and continued loudly down the streets of Toronto to the grounds of Allan Gardens. This rally was the second largest Canadian climate demonstration, the first was held in Quebec earlier this year, and came just days before the Pan American Climate Summit and Economic summits also being held in Toronto.