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All Hands on Deck: A Telling Tale of Tailpipes

In Canada, roughly one-third of us live near a major road. Close proximity to major roads increases our exposure to air pollution, and the health risks that come with it. What do we know about traffic-related air pollution and what can we do about it? Join us to find out!
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The Origin: What are the Rights of Nature? 

Globally, the Rights of Nature is becoming a familiar topic in many parts of the world. In Canada, we are starting to explore and discuss the Rights of Nature.  The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature has a working understanding of Rights of Nature that includes "the recognition and honoring that Nature has rights."
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Wild Child, Sierra Club Canada Foundation, has had tremendous success with their Forest School and Nature Immersion programs since 2010 in Nova Scotia and PEI. This program has since been launched in Edmonton in 2019 with equal success, and more than 2,000 participants directly benefited from Wild Child programs in the Edmonton region.
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