Our programs are working across the country to make a real impact for our environment and directly in the lives of people impacted by environmental issues.


Whether it is air quality in Ottawa or energy democracy in Atlantic Canada, whether it is protecting water in the Prairies or protecting biodiversity in Québec our programs are making a huge impact.

Our Wild Child outdoor education programs have gotten kids outside in nature for tens of thousands of hours in Alberta, PEI, and Nova Scotia.

Our program areas

The Sierra Club Canada Foundation has programs focusing on outdoor education (Wild Child), climate and clean energy, environmental and social justice, nature and endangered species, exploring and enjoying the outdoors, as well as conservation and the circular economy.

Uniquely, our programs link the most pressing environmental and social issues of our time with local grassroots organizing that makes a direct impact.

Photo from Sierra Club Canada's Wild Child outdoor education program

Wild Child

The mission of our Wild Child programs is to provide child led, play based learning through repeated exposure to nature helping to foster a lasting relationship with the natural world.

Protest Outside of the Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa Against Bay du Nord

Climate & clean energy

The Sierra Club Canada Foundation works on the local, national, and international level to reduce greenhouse gasses and to promote sustainable energy practices.

Photo from Sierra Club Canada's representatives at COP26 in Glasgow

Environmental / social justice

We endeavour to build and strengthen meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples, without being extractive. We aim to engage with diverse communities, such as Indigenous, immigrant, youth, people with disabilities, and lower income communities, ensuring accessibility to nature and SCCF’s mission.

A whale jumping out of the water with a mountain in the background

Nature & endangered species

Sierra Club Canada works to protect natural spaces and endangered species across Canada and internationally by grassroots action and by building partnerships between local, national, and international organizations.

Exploring & enjoying outdoors

Sierra Club Canada works with individuals, partners and community groups to promote knowledge of wildlife and natural environments.

Photo from a Sierra Club Ontario tree planting event

Conservation & circular economy

In order to preserve our planet, we need to learn to live in harmony with nature. On both the national and the local level, the Sierra Club Canada Foundation is engaged in promoting ways to live in a sustainable fashion.