Sierra Club Canada event images outdoors. Exploring & enjoying outdoors Canada.

Exploring & enjoying outdoors

You cannot protect what you do not know.

A person rock climbing a cliff next to the forest. Exploring & enjoying outdoors Canada.

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Nature’s diversity exists all around us. Sierra Club Canada works with individuals, partners and community groups to promote knowledge of wildlife and natural environments. We work to preserve and protect for all to enjoy, both now and in the future.

We hold yearly hikes, tree planting events, and cleanups of natural spaces. Our prairie chapter also recently planted a garden in Winnipeg.

Seedlings for planting in one of Sierra Club Canada's community gardens in Winnipeg

Prairie Chapter Plants 600 Square Foot Garden, Walk Planned

This summer, the Sierra Club Canada’s Prairie Chapter planted a 600 square foot garden of wildflowers and grasses native to Manitoba in South Osborne, Winnipeg…