Action Alert: Ban the sale, trade and possession of shark fins!

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Over the past two years, a growing number of individuals, businesses, and governments in Canada and around the world have been rallying against the cruelty and ecological destruction caused by the practice of shark finning. Next Monday, January 28th, all eyes will be on Calgary City Council when they vote on a proposed bylaw to ban the sale, trade and distribution of shark fins in the city. If successful, Calgary will become the largest city in Canada to ban shark fins, and the 18th municipality in Canada to do so.

Thus far, Calgary City Council has shown resolve in moving this bylaw forward, and they have been strongly encouraged to do so by over 11,000 Calgarians who signed petitions to show their support. But Monday is the final vote, and City Council needs to hear your support more than ever.

The global shark fin trade is unsustainable and cruel. Tens of millions of sharks are mutilated and left to die year after year to feed the demand for shark fin soup. As apex predators, sharks play an essential role in maintaining balance in ocean ecosystems. We must act now to put a stop to this brutal and unsustainable trade.

The proposed shark fin ban bylaw was first introduced in July of 2012, and Calgary City Council has since held multiple public consultations on this issue, including with members of the business community. If passed, this bylaw will not only shut down one of the largest markets for shark fins in Canada, but it would also send a strong message to the federal government that Calgarians–just like the majority of Canadians—want to see Canada emerge as a global leader in ocean wildlife protection by enacting a historic shark fin import ban. Stopping trade in shark fins is the key to putting an end to the cruel practice of shark finning.

There is still hope to save these iconic animals from extinction. Please take action and send a message to Calgary City Council urging them to support the proposed shark fin ban and make Calgary a leader in shark protection.

This is not just a Calgary issue - we want the Council to hear from you too (even if you live outside the province).

Send a message to the Calgary City Council

Send a message to your Member of Parliament

Thank you for all you do for animals.

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John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada
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