Provincial Greenbelt Review Meetings: kick-off in Waterloo (Mar25)

From our friend Kevin Thomason with Waterloo’s Sunfish Neighbourhood Association—

The provincial government announced the formal 10 Year Provincial Greenbelt Review today.  It looks really good with the government strongly supporting the Greenbelt and a balanced approach to growth.  Former Toronto Mayor David Crombie has been appointed to head up the review and it looks like there will be lots of opportunities to participate. 

Even though Waterloo Region is outside of the existing Greenbelt area, we are not outside of the Places to Grow Act growth area.  We have an opportunity here to start the process to see the Greenbelt extended to our area - further reinforcing the Region of Waterloo's work on the Protected Countryside, Countryside Line, Environmentally Sensitive Areas, etc. 

Surprisingly, the first Public Town Hall Meeting the government is holding as part of review is going to be in Kitchener-Waterloo at Bingeman's Conference Center on Wednesday, March 25th from 6 to 9 pm.  

We need to ensure that the provincial government is hearing about the need for expansion and that Waterloo isn't overlooked again like a decade ago.

Please plan to attend this Open House and let’s see if we can pack it with concerned citizens to make sure our voices are heard.  Waterloo needs to have the same levels of environmental protection as other rapidly growing parts of the GTA.


Details on the Regional Town Hall Meetings are available here:


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