Exploring Common Ground

Exploring Common Ground - Creating a Framework for Dialogue Around Mine and Quarry Issues in Nova Scotia was a groundbreaking forum hosted by Sierra Club and Ecology Action Centre. It brought together industry, community, and government participants to share perspectives and identify tools for communication, consultation and decision-making.

For many years, Sierra Club members, volunteers and staff have been involved in preventing  negative impacts of mines and quarries on the environment and their communities. Read more about this work  here.

There are many common issues that arise when a mine or quarry is slated for a particular area: what if we could address them before 'shovels are in the ground' ? We will begin to find proactive solutions by Exploring Common Ground

Contact KarenNMackenzie -at- gmail to get invovled or contact our Halifax office for more information: 902-444-3113.

Please check out our Participant's Workbook for the event.

You can download conference presentations here.