Where Climate Rhetoric Meets Climate Reality

Today’s First Ministers’ meeting in Vancouver is a make-or-break opportunity for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and 13 provincial/territorial premiers to put some substance behind the conversations we’ve been hearing about ambitious, far-reaching climate solutions.

What Christian did

$15, $25 or even $50 would go a long way to help to make sure that the Sierra Club Canada Foundation can continue the vital work they do to protect Canada's environment.

Good people doing good work

No mother should ever have to consider crossing a treacherous highway with her little ones in tow. 

That’s exactly what Charlie Richmond and the Sierra Edmonton Group thought when they took on a project that would see a wildlife underpass built beneath a busy arterial road.

From Our Families to Yours

We just wanted to reach out to you today to say thank you.

Thank you for your commitment to making our world better, healthier and safer for all. Because it matters. Because you care.

Thank you for your deep concern that our children and grandchildren will inherit this country and the world beyond our borders in good shape.

‘Canada is Back’, But the Devil is in the Details

"Canada is back, my friends,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared again Monday, in his speech to the opening plenary of the United Nations climate summit. But as negotiators from 190 countries make their way through the ponderous, technical process of wordsmithing a make-or-break global agreement to control climate change, it’s becoming clear that the devil is in the details.