Alberta Tar Sands Pipelines

Pipeline critics hit back after Oliver warns of 'radicals'

Canada's natural resources minister has entered the fray over the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline with a controversial public letter accusing "radical" environmentalists of trying to delay the project and undermine the country's economic interests.

In an open letter released on the eve of the first public hearing on the proposal, Joe Oliver says environmentalists and other "radical" groups are trying to hijack the regulatory process.

More than 4,300 groups and individuals have signed up to speak at the regulatory panel hearings, which begin Tuesday in Kitimat, B.C.

"Their goal is to stop any major project no matter what the cost to Canadian families in lost jobs and economic growth," Oliver wrote in the letter. "No forestry. No mining. No oil. No gas. No more hydro-electric dams."... Read more »

Open Letter in response to Joe Oliver

By John Bennett, Sierra Club Canada Executive Director

January 9, 2012 (6pm EST)

The Federal Government is engaged in an unprecedented campaign to damage the credibility of the environmental movement. In the latest move, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver (apparently replacing Environment Minister Peter Kent as the chief anti-environmentalist government spokesperson) submitted an “open letter” to the media. In it, he links “radicals and environmental groups” and charges they are against everything. ... Read more »

Big Oil and Canada thwarted U.S. carbon standards

Turns out Alberta's environment ministry has joined forces with U.S. corporations to keep feeding the Big Oil machine. Read this well-researched article by Geoff Dembicki on

Big Oil and Canada thwarted U.S. carbon standards

Emails show how a Washington lobbyist enlisted Canadian officials to beat back U.S. carbon standards.... Read more »

Who's behind the EthicalOil campaign?

At the recent Toronto Enviro Alliance comedy fundraiser, the annual EcoBunk Awards, I uncomfortably chuckled at the ludicrous Ethical Oil advertisements. Maybe you've seen them. It is an exceptionally well-funded ad campaign about why Canada NEEDS to keep producing Tar Sands oil for the world. In one they pose the elegantly flying maple leaf flag next to a woman in the process of being stoned.

Kyoto: The Conservative government's shameful action

It's official. Canada's government is no longer just ignoring our legally binding obligations under the Kyoto Protocol. It's withdrawing from the international treaty completely.

I listened to Peter Kent, the Minister of Spin, on CBC's The Current on Wednesday, trying to bluff his way through an interview. Now I can't hit the keys fast enough.

Kent has three disinformation talking points and big fat whopper: 1) Kyoto is the past; 2) Kyoto doesn't include all emitters (China, China and China); and 3) Kyoto would cost Canada $14 billion ($1,600 for every Canadian taxpayer). Taking on neo-cons is a challenge because they take a grain of truth and spinning to suit their agenda.... Read more »


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