Alberta Tar Sands Pipelines

B.C. residents not energetic about energy, see little benefit in oil projects

An Angus Reid Public Opinion poll released exclusively to The Globe and Mail says despite recent discussion about Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway project, only 1 per cent of respondents think energy is the most important issue facing the province.



Tight deadline for Gateway review as political headwinds grow

The federal government has imposed a strict deadline on a review panel to conclude the work on Enbridge Inc.’s controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, even as it scrambles to rescue the $6-billion project from a political sinkhole.



B.C. natives willing to 'go to the wall' against Enbridge pipeline

The proposed Enbridge pipeline is the largest issue ever faced by B.C.’s aboriginal community, native leader Stewart Phillip declared Monday, as he vowed a long, protracted fight, including blockades and mass protests, against the project, if it is allowed to proceed.



Levant's ethical oil case takes hits from all sides

TV host Ezra Levant raised some eyebrows by calling oil from Canada's oilsands "the fair trade coffee of the world's oil industry." Levant, who has become a spokesperson for the so-called "ethical oil" movement and has made a career bolstering the Alberta oilsands, was a keynote speaker Tuesday at Pacific Northwest Economic Region's (PNWER) annual summit in Saskatoon.

"Out of the top 10 oil reserve countries in the world, we are the only one that is a liberal democracy," Levant told the crowd, which had a large contingent of people working in the oil and gas industry.

Levant distinguishes oil produced in Canada from so-called conflict oil produced in countries such as Saudi Arabia, which don't have the same environmental standards or human rights records.

"I'm just saying we should have a moral preference for the ethical stuff," Levant said after the speech.
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Brief video for US about Tar Sands


Check out the latest Sierra Club (US) new animated short: Tar Sands Pipelines: the Dirtiest Oil on Earth

Nice work by the Beyond Oil team in collaboration with Sierra Club Productions' own Javier, Adrienne, and Melissa, and many others. ... Read more »


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