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COMMENT: Sierra Club Prairie on approval of Total Joslyn Mine

Sheila Muxlow, Director with the Sierra Club Prairie had the following to say about the approval of Total's Joslyn Mine.

"Merely minutes after celebrating the creation of an oil dominated advisory panel the Provincial government fell further from their 'world class' ideals and signed off on another toxic tar sands mine under an admittedly broken system. The Joslyn North mine puts downstream communities at risk for further treaty rights violations, further health problems, and further environmental damage. It's time this government learns to subtract from their problems rather than continuing to add to them, because disappointingly the only thing 'world class' coming out of this government is deception."

For further comment call Sheila at 780-660-0312

Experts selected to lead oil sands monitoring

Edmonton... Twelve independent experts from across North America have been chosen to help create a world-class environmental monitoring system for Alberta’s oil sands.

“I am committed to ensuring we have a robust, credible, and transparent environmental monitoring, evaluation and reporting system in the province, beginning with the oil sands region,” said Rob Renner, Minister of Environment. “This extremely accomplished group of individuals, who have significant experience and wide-ranging expertise, will deliver on this important initiative.” ... Read more »

COMMENT: Sierra Club Prairie on Rob Renner's appointment of tar sands monitoring review committee

Dustin Johnson, Energy Campaigner with the Sierra Club Prairie had the following to say about Environment Minister Rob Renner’s tar sands monitoring announcement:
"It is frustrating to see the environment minister promise Albertan's a 'world class' monitoring system for future environmental stewardship and yet stack their advisory committee with the interests of big oil. Albertan's should be outraged by the appointment of Industry interests such as TransCanada Corporation, Tailsman Energy and Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers on this committee and yet once again we see the marginalization of local people and Indigenous knowledge holders. Environmental monitoring is supposed to protect the environment, not the oil companies." 

For more info please contact

Dustin Johnson   - 587.588.5890

Northern Exposure - shining a light on Canadas dirty tar sands oil

There is little question that America remains addicted to oil just as we were five years ago when then President George W. Bush famously included that statement in his 2006 State of the Union address. While this chart shows the temporary drop in oil imports largely attributable to the recession, America still continues to import an unbelievable 11,000,000 barrels of oil per day.... Read more »

Open-pit oilsands mine decision is a real-time truth test of government promises

Politicians are known the world over for talking out of both sides of their mouths. They often make grand proclamations to win votes, to silence criticism, to placate opposition. Lately in the face of serious criticism from scientists, the federal government has tried to appear tough on the oilsands. But Canadians have yet to see action. The pending decision on whether or not to approve a new open-pit oilsands mine in Alberta provides Canadians with a real-time truth test of government promises.... Read more »


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