Thoughts on the 700 jobs cut at Environment Canada

Media Release, August 4, 2011

Don't be fooled - this is NOT about the deficit. This is about a blatant disregard for the environment and the health and safety of Canadians.

We should NOT be surprised Environment Canada is the first department to face the axe. We have all seen the vindictiveness of the Harper government and no department has presented more of problem, nor stripped away more of the contrived moderate veneer of Stephen Harper’s government, than Environment Canada. So no one should be surprised he would gut it at the first opportunity.

An eleven percent cut to one of the smallest federal departments will NOT rid us of the deficit.
“What it will do is give polluters exactly what they want - a toothless, understaffed Environment Canada with weakened scientific capacity and no enforcement capability,” said Sierra Club Canada’s Executive Director John Bennett.
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Canada to slash environment ministry jobs

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's environment ministry will cut or reassign around 10 percent of its workers, unions said on Thursday, prompting fears that services like weather forecasting and environmental protection will suffer.

Officials said the move was designed to help eliminate the budget deficit. Critics said it underscored what they portray as the right-leaning Conservative government's contempt for the environment.
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700 Environment Canada jobs on the chopping block

Meteorologists, scientists, chemists and engineers are among more than 700 Environment Canada employees on the chopping block as the department launches sweeping cuts to cope with federal belt-tightening.

The shakeup could be a taste of further cuts in other departments to come as the Conservative government reins in spending to eliminate a $32 billion deficit.

The cuts represent 11 per cent of the workforce at Environment Canada, calling into question the department’s ability to carry on its mandate, said Bill Pynn, national president of the Union of Environment Workers, which represents 476 of the affected workers.

“It’s massive,” Pynn said, saying he can’t recall cuts of a similar scale in Ottawa in the last two decades.
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Feds silence scientist over salmon study

Top bureaucrats in Ottawa have muzzled a leading fisheries scientist whose discovery could help explain why salmon stocks have been crashing off Canada's West Coast, according to documents obtained by Postmedia News.

The documents show the Privy Council Office, which supports the Prime Minister's Office, stopped Kristi Miller from talking about one of the most significant discoveries to come out of a federal fisheries lab in years.

Science, one of the world's top research journals, published Miller's findings in January. The journal considered the work so significant it notified "over 7,400" journalists worldwide about Miller's "Suffering Salmon" study.
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Great Lakes steward lets down public

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