Hydraulic fracturing concerns topic of public discussion

A public meeting is being held tonight to discuss the issues surrounding hydraulic fracturing and associated concerns.

"My main point for doing a public event, I'm really just trying to raise awareness about the issue," said Heidi Verheul, an environmental educator with the Atlantic chapter of the Sierra Club and a former Belmont resident.

Sponsored by the Sierra Club and the Maritime Aboriginal Chapter and the Maritime Aboriginal Aquatic Resources Secretariate, the session is set to run from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Visitor Information Centre in the Truro Power Centre.

Information to be presented includes scientific background associated with the risks of hydraulic fracturing. It is also intended to provide a forum for public discussion and to share community concerns.

Nova Scotia is currently conducting a technical and policy review on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in the province.

Natural gas not the answer, climate groups say


Natural gas is not a "transition" fuel to a low-carbon energy future, says a report from two of Canada's most respected environmental think-tanks.... Read more »

Carbon-dioxide emissions reach a record high in 2010: IEA


PARIS - Carbon-dioxide emissions hit a record high last year, the International Energy Agency said on Monday, dimming the prospects of limiting the global temperature increase to two degrees Celsius.

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Students have fun while plotting the future of our forests

The theme of this year's World Environment Day (WED) was forests.

From  article by Danielle Milley, June 8, 2011

(photo from

While movers and shakers from the environmental and political spheres had their moment Monday morning, the rest of the United Nations World Environment Day North American event at Evergreen Brick Works was about the future leaders.

Fifty students from North Kipling Junior Middle School took part in a special interactive workshop with American astronaut Mae Jemison called Forests Matter to Youth, Too. ... Read more »

Great Lakes Symposium - Schiefer presentation


Karl Schiefer, a consulting Aquatic Biologist, gave this presentation "Great Lakes Ecosystems: Do We Value Them?" at our Port Huron event. Schiefer gives a brief history of human uses and impacts on the Great Lakes with a focus on Huron/Georgian Bay. Schiefer says our European value system (an anthorpocentric world-view with an emphasis on advanced technology) dominates our management of the Great Lakes. This has a huge impact on the environment as compared to the First Nations that coexisted with the resource for millenium without depleting it.

Schiefer calls on us to rethink our proposed solutions to Great Lakes problems: "We have this incredible faith that our technology, which created almost all the problems that I outlined, can itself be the solution to those problems."


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