Alberta looks to drum up support for oilsands

TORONTO - Alberta's looking for some friends across Canada as it tries to drum up support for its controversial oilsands.

During a stop in Toronto Monday, three prominent Alberta government ministers reminded Ontario it was there for the province when its auto sector was in trouble during the recent recession.

"So I know that if Ontario felt that we were genuinely under attack that there would be that some kind of support," International and Intergovernmental Relations Minister Iris Evans said. "I can't imagine why not."

One study shows that over the next 25 years, Alberta's oilsands will generate more than 800,000 person years of work for Ontarians, she said.... Read more »

Greenpeace delivers giant 'rubber stamp'

CALGARY - Greenpeace has delivered a giant ‘rubber stamp’ to the Calgary office of Alberta's energy regulator to mock its high approval rating of oilsands projects.

Greenpeace says the Energy Resources Conservation Board has never turned down a proposal for oilsands mining in northern Alberta.

The rubber stamp is as big as a coffee table and has the word “approved” emblazoned on the bottom and side.

Greenpeace made the delivery on the eve of a board hearing into a proposal by French oil giant Total for a new oilsands mine.

Sierra Club Prairie Intervenes in TOTAL Hearings

Representatives to take part in TOTAL Joslyn North Tar Sands Hearings

EDMONTON  - Two representatives from Sierra Club Prairie will be participating in hearings for TOTAL's proposed Joslyn North Mine Project beginning 21st September 2010 in Fort McMurray AB and finishing up mid-October in Edmonton.

Dustin Johnson, Energy Campaigner for Sierra Club Prairie, and former Sierra Club of Canada Executive Director Stephen Hazell will both be participating in the hearing, and will be available for media comment throughout, and on site at the hearing for the first and third weeks.

In addition to being available to comment to media, Dustin and Stephen will also be keeping a daily blog at and will twitter updates from  our twitter account 'SCPrairie' about the hearing.... Read more »


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 24, 2010

Halifax, NS - The Atlantic Canada Chapter of the Sierra Club Canada is calling on delegates to the North-west Atlantic Fisheries Organization to place a freeze on so-called “frontier fisheries” in pristine deep-sea areas which previously have not been subject to bottom trawling activities.

“Historically, when areas have been overfished due to bottom trawling the practice has been to move on to other places and begin the process of destruction all over again,” says Dr. Fred Winsor, fisheries historian and Conservation Chair of the Sierra Club’s Atlantic Canada Chapter. “Very few pristine areas remain, and they should be left alone.”... Read more »

Total Joslyn Mine Proposal

French Oil Giant Total has filed a proposal for a new open pit tar sands mine in the tar sands. The area is already plagued with local reports of environmental pollution, treaty rights violations and health problems. Total’s mine proposal threatens to make these issues worse!

From Total’s own admission the new open pit mine will:... Read more »


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