FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 24, 2010

Halifax, NS - The Atlantic Canada Chapter of the Sierra Club Canada is calling on delegates to the North-west Atlantic Fisheries Organization to place a freeze on so-called “frontier fisheries” in pristine deep-sea areas which previously have not been subject to bottom trawling activities.

“Historically, when areas have been overfished due to bottom trawling the practice has been to move on to other places and begin the process of destruction all over again,” says Dr. Fred Winsor, fisheries historian and Conservation Chair of the Sierra Club’s Atlantic Canada Chapter. “Very few pristine areas remain, and they should be left alone.”... Read more »

Total Joslyn Mine Proposal

French Oil Giant Total has filed a proposal for a new open pit tar sands mine in the tar sands. The area is already plagued with local reports of environmental pollution, treaty rights violations and health problems. Total’s mine proposal threatens to make these issues worse!

From Total’s own admission the new open pit mine will:... Read more »

Residents respond to Lower Athabasca Land Use Plan

The provincial government's open house on its land-use framework for this region was the largest yet in terms of turn-out.

While a variety of concerns were offered by the some 76 members of the general public who attended Wednesday night, protection of the Clearwater River, especially from Nexen Inc.'s water withdrawal application, was one of the more popular topics of conversation.

"I was looking at the comment board afterward and there was a lot of comments about that. They marshalled their forces and made themselves heard. That was good," said Duncan MacDonnell, spokesman for Alberta Sustainable Resource Development.

As for the attendance figures, he added, "That's the largest yet for the process; the most we've had at any one session. It kept going until after 8 p.m., so very popular."... Read more »

Stelmach on oil sands: 'We've come a long way, but we can do more'

BANFF - Premier Ed Stelmach said the oilsands industry is making progress on environmental issues, but acknowledged there was more work to do.

In remarks at the opening of the Global Business Conference here, the premier said the province continues to take that message on the road in an effort to counter concerns over the growing footprint of oilsands development.

"We've come a long way but we can and will do more," he said.

"That' s the message we're taking to the world."

Over the next few weeks, he said ministers will be heading to Alaska and Mississippi to talk about environmental efforts in the oilsands, as well other Canadian provinces.

We're not doing this because we like airplane food," he said.

"We're doing this to protect and grow our markets and defend our province and it's industries."... Read more »

Oilsands giant Suncor says it's turning ugly oilsands tailings pond into swan

EDMONTON - Suncor Energy says it has taken a big step toward transforming one of its ugly duckling oilsands tailings ponds into an environmentally benign swan.

The oilsands giant is to announce next week that it is the first company in Alberta to successfully reclaim a tailings pond. The 2.2-square-kilometre area has been filled in and landscaped with 630,000 newly planted trees, bushes and shrubs.

"Pond 1 is now going to be known as Wapisiw Lookout. That is a Cree word that means swan," Suncor (TSX:SU) spokesman Dany Laferriere said Wednesday.

"This has not been done before. We have said that we could do it and this goes to show that reclaiming tailings ponds is possible and we are doing it."

Suncor says it will continue developing the site over the next 10 to 15 years into a mixed forest with wetlands that can support wildlife, including waterfowl.... Read more »


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