Foreign dollars a 'minute segment' of Canadian charities' budgets

OTTAWA - While the Conservative government sounds the alarm about foreigners funneling money into Canadian charities, federal statistics show only two per cent of the country's charities received funds from outside Canada.

Figures provided to Global News from the Canada Revenue Agency show that out of 84,176 charities, only 2,014 reported receiving funding from foreign sources in the fiscal year ending in 2010.

The Conservative government first expressed its concern about how much money Canadian charities were getting from abroad in January when hearings for the $5.5-billion Northern Gateway Pipeline were about to begin.

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver warned Canadians that "radical," foreign-funded environmental groups were slowing down the process by asking to be heard at the public hearings - a situation that threatened to "undermine Canada's national economic interest."
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Important Environmental Law Amendments in the Ontario 2012 budget bill

Illuminating article from the Iler Campbell blog on bad environmental provisions buried in the Ontario Government budget. Read on...

April 17th, 2012 by Laura Bowman... Read more »

Action Alert: Support new plan for healthier water levels management on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River!

Sierra Club Canada, as part of Great Lakes United,  congratulates them and the other organizations who worked so hard to improve this Lake Ontario management plan. Now to see it adopted they are asking for public participation in meetings (schedule below) and signatures on the Save The River petition. Please help out where you can! Thank you!!

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Politics and charity can mix

To hear Conservative Senator Nicole Eaton and others tell it, Canada has been invaded by foreign radicals who “are operating under the guise of charitable organizations in an effort to manipulate our policies for their own gain.”

The Senate has launched an inquiry into the issue. In late February, Eaton opened the debate with this flourish: “Honourable Senators, I rise today to open an inquiry that will reveal astounding information. It will make your blood boil and, hopefully, it will prompt us all to action.”... Read more »


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