Health & Environment

Health and Environment

It is often overlooked that there is a direct correlation between an individuals’ health and the health of their environment.  Canadians are entitled to a healthy lifestyle and that means they are entitled to a healthy environment. 
Yet, according to the Canadian Cancer Society, based on current incidence rates, 40% of Canadian women and 45% of men will develop cancer during their lifetimes.  Meanwhile, thousands are estimated to die each year in Canada due to air pollution and those numbers are expected to rise without immediate action.  In addition, Health Canada estimates that 90 Canadians die annually, while a further 90,000 become sick due to water contamination.

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Ottawa takes on Yellowknife in Commuter Challenge


City Council has taken up a challenge from Sierra Club Canada to compete with Yellowknife City Council to see which group of councillors can find the greenest ways to commute in the 2009 Commuter Challenge during the week of May 31 to June 6.

The Challenge, which takes place during Canadian Environment Week and includes Clean Air Day on June 3, is a national program that encourages Canadians to walk, cycle, ride-share, carpool, telework or take transit instead of driving alone to work.

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Speech Enthrones Fossil Economy


(Ottawa) Today’s Speech from the Throne failed to move Canada toward a green energy economy, instead propping up obsolete and expensive options such as nuclear energy and northern pipelines.
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Congratulations to Jim Prentice and other federal “Environment” Ministers


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Tight Race for Second Place in Environment Election


(Ottawa) The race for second place among political parties was hotly contested as Sierra Club Canada awarded its Eco-Olympic medals, earned during the election campaign on a broad range of environmental issues.

“The Green Party earned the top spot in overall rank, the NDP and Liberals tied for second place, and the Bloc Québécois came in third,” said Stephen Hazell, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada. “The Conservative Party did not make it to the podium for a single medal.”
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