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Poll: Canadians Want to See Party Leaders Debate Environment Issues


With the environment, and specifically climate change, emerging as a top campaign issue, Canadians want to see their political leaders take part in a televised environmental debate.
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Fresh water in its many forms is an integral core of what most of us deem to be Canadian. From thundering rivers, mighty glaciers and the land of endless lakes - all as undeniably Canadian as maple syrup, hockey and universal health care in our imaginations. This comfortable image may no longer be assured. Looking at a map of our vast nation, Canada appears well endowed with water. Critically, though, less than half of Canada's fresh water is available for use by most Canadians. Sixty percent of our fresh water flows north toward the Arctic, while 85 percent of us live in a narrow band along Canada's southern border.... Read more »


As a society we have seen cancer rates in Canada increase by 1% each and every year. Increasing awareness of high-risk products to protect Canadians from unnecessary health risks is paramount to Sierra Club Canada’s Health and Environment program area.
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Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture

As food is a major contributor to human health, agriculture can be a major threat to our environment. In 1999, in response to this threat, Sierra Club Canada launched its "Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture" program.... Read more »

Pesticide Reduction

Pesticides in Canada are widespread and commonly used in households- yet few Canadians are informed about the negative effects of these chemicals. Pesticide regulation in Canada is seen as inadequate by many and pesticides are promoted as “safe”; the risks associated with their use minimized.... Read more »


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