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Sierra Club Prairie Launches Campaign to Expose How Proposals to Deregulate and Expand Water Markets Threaten Provincial Water Security

(Edmonton) — The Sierra Club Prairie launched a province wide campaign today, exposing the gaps in Alberta’s water law and calling attention to the recommendations for changes to Alberta’s Water Act that propose a province-wide, deregulated water market without ensuring the adequate protections for our provincial waters or for basic human needs. The 'Got Thirst' campaign's website was launched today – with an accompanying video that can be viewed on the website.... Read more »

Green Budget Coalition Prioritizes 3 Budget Actions: for Biodiversity, Water & Energy

2010 is International Year of Biodiversity

OTTAWA— In light of the Prime Minister’s invitation for input on the upcoming federal budget, the Green Budget Coalition (GBC) is today highlighting its three priority budget recommendations, whose adoption could stimulate over 8,000 new jobs in renewable energy, ensure clean sources of drinking water for millions of Canadians, and help Canada meet its commitment under the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity to establish national and regional systems of protected areas.

“These are prime opportunities for Canada to shine on the world stage during the International Year of Biodiversity and in the lead-up to the G8 and G20 Summits,” said Barry Turner, Chair of the Green Budget Coalition and Director of Government Relations, Ducks Unlimited Canada
... Read more »

Free Trade Doesn't Work: What Should Replace it and Why

Further to the first Activist Chat Video with John Bennett and Janet Eaton which
highlights issues around economic globalization and free trade, the
need to renegotiate NAFTA and alternatives being proposed at this
time in the US under the TRADE Act, comes an invaluable book which
provides a more indepth look at this very subject.

"Free Trade Doesn't Work - What Should Replace it and Why" by Ian Fletcher, not only explains in detail why the standard economic arguments free traders use all the time are false and what's wrong with NAFTA, CAFTA, the WTO, it also looks at what kind of economic ideas underpin changes required and provides a discussion of what a managed trade system could accomplish.

I'm ordering this book today and will provide further insights on this site at a later date. Check out the book review below. Exemplary praise from a diverse number of NGO's and experts in the field of free trade and its impacts.... Read more »

Changing the Channel

Riding on the bus this morning I was pondering how good Québec Premier Jean Charest looked standing up to Jim Prentice, Minister of the Environment, this week. 

On Monday, Mr. Prentice attacked Québec for establishing California standards for car emissions which are tougher than the Xeroxing of U.S. federal fuel economy regulations that Mr. Prentice had his staff do in order to create national mileage regulations for Canada.  Prentice talked about Quebec going alone when in fact there are 14 U.S. states and four other provinces in Canada that are all going down the same road.... Read more »

Still No Justice for the Environment in Canada

OTTAWA--Sierra Club Canada is disturbed that today’s Supreme Court of Canada’s decision allows the Red Chris mine in British Columbia to go ahead despite acknowledging the federal government violated the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). While Sierra Club Canada is pleased that the Supreme Court reaffirmed Canada’s environmental laws, we are concerned that the Red Chris mine will be allowed despite avoiding a rigorous assessment.... Read more »


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