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OPEN LETTER: Premier Alward, There is a Win-Win Solution to Fracking Dilemma





Dear Premier Alward:


A new session of the New Brunswick legislature should have been a chance for a fresh start for the government and the people of New Brunswick.

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Annual Report

SCC Annual Report 2011

Sierra Club Canada's (SCC) 2012 Annual Report summarizes the year's findings for the National Office,
Atlantic Chapter, Québec Chapter, Ontario Chapter, Prairie Chapter, British Columbia Chapter,
and Sierra Youth Coalition.

SCC Annual Report 2011
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Federal government laying waste to the Canadian landscape

Canadian public should be alarmed by wholesale deregulation of environmental protection in Canada


October 18, 2012

OTTAWA - The government of Canada continued its assault on environmental protection today with omnibus Bill C-45.

“Today’s killing of the Navigable Waters Act, along with further gutting of what’s left of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and Fisheries Act, will inhibit the ability of Canadians to protect their natural environment for their children, grandchildren and future generations,” said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.

"Canadians want to protect the environment and have a strong economy. We don’t need to sacrifice the planet to achieve the latter - the two aren’t mutually exclusive,” said Mr. Bennett.... Read more »

Government has “Nothing to Report” from Required Wildlife Monitoring Program after 18 Years

Toronto, October 2, 2012 –  Ontario is blind to the impact forestry is having on wildlife species across the province says Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller today in the release of Part 2 of his 2011/2012 Annual Report, Losing Our Touch.  Despite a legal requirement to do so, Miller says the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) does not adequately monitor forest wildlife populations and incorporate the information into its own forest management policies.

When a class environmental assessment eighteen years ago authorized MNR to proceed with planning for timber harvesting and related activities, it also imposed legally binding terms and conditions. One requirement was the establishment of a province-wide monitoring program that would assess how timber harvesting affects forest-dwelling species.... Read more »

Nuclear waste dump in Great Lakes?

Learn about current proposals to bury nuclear waste and the Great Lakes locations being considered for the dump:

Sunday, Sept. 30, 6:30-8:30pm

St. Clair County Community College


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