Industrial Water Consumption

Irrigation and river diversion for industrial use

Closing Down Water Monitoring in the North: Bad Idea, Bad Policy

Media Release, August 26, 2011

OTTAWA – The federal government should reverse its decision to save money by closing down 21 of 23 water monitoring stations in the north.

"The arctic water monitoring system is our early warning system. The data tell us what is happening with water quality and pollution. Knowing what's in the water can prevent Walkerton like tragedies. The Prime Minister is right that development leads to pollution, but with the information from water monitoring stations in the north we can develop plans to minimize those impacts on public health, wildlife and the environment," said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.

Monitoring stations regularly measure physicochemical parameters such as temperature, pH, alkalinity, major ions, nutrients and metals.

According to Environment Canada, water monitoring allows Canada to:... Read more »

No Frack Fridays

Get Tweeting on No Frack Fridays!

Tell our elected representatives in Atlantic Canada that hydraulic fracturing for unconventional natural gas is not what we want for our communities!

In order to get tweeting on No Frack Fridays, you need a twitter account (its free!), and know who your MLA, Ministers of Environment/Energy, and/or Premier are. On Fridays we are going to tweet away at our leaders and let them know some facts about fracking (or frackts!).

To Participate!
1. @______ (Address the tweet to the appropriate representative.)
2. Copy and paste one of these frackts in your tweet.
3. Add #nofrackfri and tweet away!... Read more »

Islanders rally to ban fracking on P.E.I.

No fracking allowed was the clear message during a rally at Province House to put a permanent stop to the controversial form of natural gas exploration.

Jennifer O’Neill of the Sierra Club’s Atlantic chapter was one of the rally organizers and said they wanted to raise awareness about fracking in conjunction with rallies held around Atlantic Canada this week.

“Fracking isn’t good for the environment,” she said in Charlottetown on Tuesday.

About 100 people gathered in front of Province House to wave signs, sing protest songs and voice their concerns about fracking.... Read more »

1,500 At Fredericton, NB Anti-Fracking Rally


Over 1,500 people from across New Brunswick and beyond marched through Fredericton yesterday to demand an end to hydraulic fracking and shale gas exploration in the province. Concern over the effects that hydraulic fracking may have on the province's water, for this generation and for those to come, brought out strong representation from the province's English, French, and First Nations communities.

The march wound its way through town, finishing at the Legislative Assembly, where a range of speakers addressed the peaceful, but incensed, crowd.... Read more »


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