National Water Strategy

Federal Action Needed: Safe Drinking Water for All Canadians!


OTTAWA— Canada needs a national freshwater strategy that includes a Safe Drinking Water Act.  According to Sierra Club, this is essential to provide all Canadians with equal access to clean and safe drinking water.... Read more »

Abundance of freshwater 'a myth'

OTTAWA — The "myth" of freshwater abundance in this country should be abandoned by Canadians and their governments, warns a report from an expert panel recommending radical action to protect the nation's drinking water.

The newly formed Gordon Water Group, which describes itself as an organization of scientists, lawyers, policy experts and former senior government policy advisers led by the Sierra Club of Canada, is releasing the 55-page call to action Friday.

Time for a national water strategy


Worth Repeating, May 16.

Water security is the most pressing issue of the 21st century. Yet Canadians, and our political leaders, continue to struggle under the myth of water wealth, convinced that the proverbial well will never run dry.... Read more »


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