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Sierra Club Ontario's letter to Ministers Jim Bradley and Michael Gravelle concerning Bill-55

Below is Sierra Club Ontario's letter to the Minister of Natural Resources and the Minister of Environment, expressing concern about Bill-55, a budget bill introduced by the Ontario government.

This bill proposes broad changes to a series of environmental and natural resource laws.  Some of the changes are extremely worrisome as they reduce public and government oversight and broaden exemption powers. Even more troublesome is that these changes - because contained within a budget bill - circumvent the Environmental Bill of Rights (which required public consultation).




April 26, 2012
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Sierra Club Ontario At Chicago Waterway System Meeting

On October 25 Sierra Club Ontario’s Great Lakes Section was represented at the Toronto Public Meeting of Envisioning a Chicago Waterway System for the 21st Century (website).  This is a joint project of the Great Lakes Commission and the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, sponsored by $2 Million in funding from six regional entities.... Read more »

Support Our Water Is Not For Sale Network


Our Water Is Not For Sale, in cooperation with the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, has produced a new brochure, featuring a postcard to the Environement Minister, to build awareness and support action on Alberta's critical water issues and the threat of water markets. 


Please email if you can help distribute the brochures -- to people at events in your community, to community groups, faith groups, co-workers, family, neighbours, classmates, etc.

Ottawa reverses shutdown of water monitoring stations in NWT

Environment Canada’s plans to shut down most of the federal water monitoring stations in the Northwest Territories have been quickly reversed after an outcry from territorial politicians and aboriginal leaders.

“That was not authorized and the Minister (of Environment) has ordered those to be started back up again,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said of the monitoring stations during a stop in this community on the edge of Kluane National Park.

It was revealed earlier this month that Environment Canada plans to cut nearly 800 jobs as part of a cost-cutting effort and the department has warned that more cuts will come as it tries to meet budgetary demands imposed by the Conservative government.

But it appears that cuts to water monitoring were not what the federal government had in mind.
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Closing Down Water Monitoring in the North: Bad Idea, Bad Policy

Media Release, August 26, 2011

OTTAWA – The federal government should reverse its decision to save money by closing down 21 of 23 water monitoring stations in the north.

"The arctic water monitoring system is our early warning system. The data tell us what is happening with water quality and pollution. Knowing what's in the water can prevent Walkerton like tragedies. The Prime Minister is right that development leads to pollution, but with the information from water monitoring stations in the north we can develop plans to minimize those impacts on public health, wildlife and the environment," said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.

Monitoring stations regularly measure physicochemical parameters such as temperature, pH, alkalinity, major ions, nutrients and metals.

According to Environment Canada, water monitoring allows Canada to:... Read more »


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