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Action H2O Forum - results report

On May 26th2011, Sierra Club Ontario hosted the Action H2O Forum, a day long workshop to discuss water policy, public outreach and communications, and collaborative action.  The Forum was attended by over 25 representatives of environmental non-government organizations (ENGOs) that are actively working on Great Lakes and water-related issues in Ontario.

The overriding purpose of the Forum was:

To engage ENGO leaders in identifying strategies for collaborative action to enhance water policy and water resource management in Ontario.

The Forum focused on three key themes:

1.    Influencing government policies;

2.    Collaboration between ENGOs; and

3.    Communication with mass media.

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Groups protest proposed environment spending cuts

A number of organizations are warning that proposed cuts by the federal government to environment-related spending will have a detrimental effect on the country's freshwater.

"The departure of dozens of scientists and technicians could hamper Canada's ability to protect our water supplies across the country," reads an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper that was posted on the website of the Council of Canadians.

The letter, signed by nearly 50 organizations, including the Council of Canadians, Sierra Club Canada and Canadian Union of Public Employees, cited $1.6 billion in overall cuts related to the environment, $222 million in reductions specifically at Environment Canada and the elimination of 1,211 jobs.

The letter's numbers appear to be based on proposed cuts released from the Treasury Board earlier this year before the recent federal election and budget.... Read more »

N. L. regulator wants review of oil exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

The federal-provincial offshore oil regulator for Newfoundland and Labrador wants Ottawa to examine the impact of exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.... Read more »

Action H2O Forum: Can ENGOs Influence Ontario Water Policy?

Sierra Club Ontario Great Lakes and Ontario Water Forum:

 Communicating > Influencing > Cooperating

On May 26th Sierra Club Ontario and fellow environmental organizations will join together for a day-long forum to discuss water policy, collaborative action, and public outreach.

This interactive forum is meant to seek collaborative solutions to tackle existing challenges and harness opportunities to drive sustainable, long-term management.

* Reaching and influencing government action on a provincial, national, and bi-national level

*  Engaging stakeholders: driving awareness and action on significant issues such as the Great Lakes

* Collaboration among the ENGO community: seeking common goals to strengthen resources and effect change.... Read more »

ADVISORY: Edmonton Water Week addresses Alberta’s water crisis

A week of events to preserve and protect our water commons

At a time of unprecedented urgency with the global and local water crises, Edmonton will mark World Water Day with a week of events on the most pressing issues surrounding this fundamental necessity of all life.


All events are free and open to the public, and will address a range of issues, including water markets and the risk they pose by commodifying Alberta’s water rather than protecting it in the public interest; Bill S-11 and the threat to First Nations’ sovereignty and Indigenous rights to water; and the conflict embodied in the tar sands between our lust for energy and the need for clean water and healthy ecosystems on which our survival depends. The week includes film screenings, talks, public displays, celebrations and music. Some highlights are:


Tuesday, March 22 (World Water Day), 7:00 pm - The Public Trust Doctrine and the Future of Water in Alberta... Read more »


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