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Canada Water Week: March 14 - 22

Do you have an interest in clean and healthy lakes and rivers? If so, we would like you to join with us from March 14 to 22 as we celebrate Healthy Rivers, Living Lakes during our inaugural Canada Water Week! Taking part is easy! There are endless opportunities to get involved: organize an art exhibit or concert; screen a documentary; host a water stewardship event; organize a public rally to unite voices for clean water in your community; or simply enjoy your favourite river or lake with family, neighbours and friends.   What is Canada Water Week?

Water report details morass of problems

When Auditor General Sheila Fraser's office points out where the government is mismanaging our public dollars, people listen; governments snap into action, corrections are made, and everyone works hard to avoid scrutiny from Fraser in the future. Fraser's deputy on the environment is Scott Vaughn, the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development. Vaughn's most recent report to the House of Commons tells Canadians that the federal government is not meeting many of its obligations on the environment with respect to protecting water supply and quality. Vaughn's report should be taken as seriously Fraser's financial reports.... Read more »

Federal lab not testing for oilsands chemicals

Environment Canada has been testing the Athabasca River's water quality for more than two decades, but has never tested for chemicals from the oilsands, Environment Commissioner Scott Vaughan says.

For years, development of the Alberta oilsands has been plagued by controversy over whether the project is releasing deadly chemicals into the vast Athabasca River system.

Fortunately, the federal Environment Department operates a permanent laboratory on the Athabasca, downstream from the oilsands, and has been testing the water quality of the river for more than two decades.

Unfortunately, the lab has never tested for chemicals from the oilsands.... Read more »

Monitoring of Canada’s lakes and rivers is inadequate

Ottawa, 7 December 2010—Environment Canada is not adequately monitoring Canada’s fresh water resources, says Scott Vaughan, Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, in his Report tabled today in the House of Commons.

“Environment Canada has been running the federal government’s water monitoring programs for 40 years,” said Mr. Vaughan. “Yet it has not taken such basic steps as defining its responsibilities and responding to the threats to Canada’s water resources that it has identified.”... Read more »


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