Nuclear Phaseout

Eves' Government Pickering Nuclear Review: "A ONE-SIDED WHITEWASH"


The Ontario government of Ernie Eves announced late on Friday May 30 the start of a much- delayed review on the refurbishment of the Pickering “A” Nuclear Generating Station. Restart of the problem-plagued nuclear station is now over three years behind schedule, and the cost has escalated from $800 million to an estimated final completion cost of almost $2.5 billion — three times the original estimate. Pickering has already been re-built once at cost of $1 billion after a disastrous accident in 1983.

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Nuclear Restarts a Major Problem... Fundamental Changes Needed to Prevent Future Blackouts


Ottawa – Questions remain to be answered about the exact cause of the power imbalance and cascading blackout that pulled the plug on 50 million people on Thursday, August 14th. But environmentalists are pointing to fundamental flaws in the generating system as the root cause of the disaster.

Sierra Club of Canada Policy Advisor David H. Martin stated, “Any electricity grid fed by large centralized nuclear and coal plants will always be vulnerable to large-scale blackouts.

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Nuclear Phaseout

The Sierra Club of Canada participates in the Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout.


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