Nuclear Subsidies

Nuclear Power in Canada — An Overview

There are 22 CANDU nuclear power reactors in Canada. As these CANDU reactors have aged, they have experienced increasing technical problems and dramatically poorer performance. SCC’s overview provides the details.

Cabinet delays decision on ITER fusion reactor… McGuinty Supports Billion-dollar Boondoggle


Ottawa – Federal inaction on the ITER fusion reactor is good, say environmentalists, but cabinet should put the final nail in the coffin of the proposed fusion reactor and publicly reject it. As reported in the Toronto Star, cabinet will likely leave the Canadian ITER proposal for dead by deferring a decision to provide half of the $2.3 billion subsidy sought by ITER Canada.

“The ITER project appears to be dead, but it still has a pulse. We need to put a stake through its heart.” stated David H.

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Sierra Club of Canada calls for nuclear review… GREAT NUCLEAR DEBATE


Ottawa - David H. Martin, SCC’s Senior Policy Advisor on nuclear issues, went to the Canadian nuclear industry's heartland this week to debate the President of the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) on the future of nuclear power in Canada. The debate took place October 28th in Deep River, the bedroom community for the Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL).

“Ottawa has never had a public review of nuclear power despite massive public subsidies. It has been subsidization without consultation,” said Mr.

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Cabinet Decides this week on ITER Reactor Subsidies


Ottawa — The federal Cabinet is expected to decide by Wednesday June 18 on whether to provide multi-billion-dollar government subsidies for the possible construction of a $19 billion (CDN) experimental fusion reactor at the Darlington Nuclear Station, in Clarington, Ontario. The reactor is known as ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor).

The international bidding process is underway to determine which country will host the reactor.

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