Pesticide Awareness

MP Marlene Catterall congratulated for introducing bill to ban cosmetic use of pesticides


(Ottawa) – On the heels of the five-year anniversary of the Standing Committee on Env ironment and Sustainable Development report calling for a ban of cosmetic use of pesticides, Ottawa-West Nepean MP Marlene Catterall, introduced Bill C-370 aimed at making the recommendation a reality. Sierra Club of Canada congratulates this demonstration of strong leadership to protect health and the environment.... Read more »

PMRA “out of loop” says Sierra Club of Canada


(Ottawa-San Diego) – Today NAFTA’s Commission for Environmental Cooperation is hosting a public meeting of the Sound Management of Chemicals in San Diego, California. The meeting will hear evidence concerning the North American Regional Action Plan (NARAP) for the elimination of the use of lindane, a hazardous pesticide, from indigenous, environment and health groups from Canada, Mexico, and the US.

Lindane has been restricted for use in Canada by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).... Read more »

Environmental group withdraws from pesticide hearings in protest

Ottawa- The Sierra Club of Canada announced today that it is withdrawing from hearings of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s Lindane Review Board to mark its objections to the process and the scope of the hearings.

The hearings are designed to address Crompton Co.’s (A US based chemical company) opposition to the de-registration of the toxic pesticide lindane as a seed coating. The Lindane Review Board was established by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) in response to demands by Crompton to reconsider the previous decision by PMRA to withdraw lindane's registration.... Read more »

City of Ottawa stumbles over hurdle to protecting children from pesticides on City land


Ottawa -At the end of a marathon meeting Wednesday Ottawa City Council approved a pesticide policy that fails to protect the health of residents and prevent environmental contamination from pesticides on sports fields.... Read more »

Parents ask Ottawa to Reaffirm Commitment to Pesticide-Free Sports Fields


Ottawa - The Coalition for a Healthy Ottawa collected almost 1000 signatures on a petition over the weekend. It asks the City of Ottawa not to back-track on its pesticide policy for sports fields.  The petition will be presented at Council on Wednesday August 25th when the vote to use pesticides on sports fields will be made.

Disbelief is greeting the news that after years of not using pesticides, Ottawa Council is poised to spray Ottawa sports fields.... Read more »


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