LTE: Sprays cause cancer

It is hard to believe that in this day and age with all kinds of research showing that pesticides and herbicides are harmful to humans and animals, people still insist on spraying toxic sprays without a thought to the safety issues involved -all because they would rather have a wonderfully manicured lawn.

I don't think there is a family that has not or will not be touched by cancer. These carcinogenic sprays are exactly that -carcinogenic. Combined with all the other toxins we eat, breath and drink, it's no wonder that cancer is on the rise.

If people and the city followed good lawn care, overfeeding with grass seed that is compatible with our Edmonton climate, proper watering practices, leaving your clippings on your lawn, the green areas would take care of themselves.
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LTE: Pesticide Ban worth the expense

Pesticide ban worth extra expense

Re: "Pass on pesticide ban, report urges; Prohibitions difficult to enforce, raise maintenance costs," The Journal, Feb. 19.

One hundred and seventy-two Canadian cities and towns have judged the risks of pesticides to be high enough to ban their use.

Once again, the City of Edmonton weighs the considerable added costs of using natural means of controlling weeds against health risks of continuing use of pesticides.
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Councillors embroiled in debate over proposed pesticide ban

EDMONTON — An Edmonton lawn-care consultant warned a packed meeting Wednesday that a possible city pesticide ban “panders to extremists.”

The controversy drew more than 20 speakers on both sides of the issue, some calling for action to protect human health and the environment and others arguing the chemicals are beneficial and safe when applied properly.

“What’s wrong with having a beautiful, lush, green lawn? When did that become a criminal offence, to enjoy having pride in your property?” David Montgomery asked council’s transportation and public works committee.

Montgomery, who worked in the industry when he took part in a 2003 pesticide summit, said residents have the right to use legal products available in any hardware store.... Read more »

First Nations co-op proposes organic shift

The Muskoday Organic Growers Co-op and Heifer International Canada think Saskatchewan First Nations could sharply reduce on-reserve unemployment by growing Saskatchewan's vegetables organically. At Muskoday First Nation near Prince Albert, organic production is already underway.

In 1999, the community launched an initiative to produce potatoes and harvested about 450 tonnes. The band-managed project obtained sufficient training grants to hire every employable welfare recipient in the community to work on the farm for six months. This was sufficient time to qualify for employment insurance, which in turn opened doors to further training.... Read more »

Healthy Food At Risk In Canada!

Farmer's Could Lose European Markets

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                         October 28th, 2010

Bill C-474 Ag. Hearings Canceled – Farmers’ Markets at Risk!

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