Vote for healthy Communities and Ecosystems in Alberta's Municipal Elections!

In less than a week, people in Alberta will take to the polls to vote in muncipal leaders to make decisions for their communities. Thankfully there are a  number of initiatives out there to help us make the choice that will most benefit the health of our communities and ecosystems. Take a moment to check out the following links and find the candidate that best represents your needs!


Our Water is Not for Sale Network - Muncipal Survey on Water Rights for Ecosystems, Human needs and Treaty Rights


Canadian Cancer Society - Municipal Survey on Pesticides; Smoke Free Parks & Smoke Free Vehicles


RePower Edmonton - Municipal Survey on Green Energy Action for Edmonton... Read more »

Stop the Spray

The herbicides Vision, Vision Max, and Vantage are scheduled to be sprayed in several counties in Nova Scotia & New

Brunswick this summer and fall. Spraying may be being carried out where you live. The government issues permits each year across the province for herbicide spraying of this kind. Spraying herbicides on softwood plantations is done to kill off hardwoods..

The active ingredient in the herbicides Vision, Vision Max and Vantage, glyphosate, has been linked to respiratory problems, birth defects, miscarriage, and cancer, and has also been shown to be toxic to fish and persistent in the soil. Act quickly to send a message that you don't want this chemical sprayed on your forests!

Please help us to stop this unnecessary practice!... Read more »

Sierra Club Atlantic Submission to NS Law Amendments Committee on Bill 61 - Non-essential Pesticides Control Act


By introducing Bill 61, the province of Nova Scotia took a proactive stance, one that ensures chemicals must be proved to be safe before that can be used in the province. This is a truly progressive step, one that will protect our health, create green jobs in organic lawncare and landscaping, and save tax dollars spent on health care. This document was submitted by Gretchen Fitzgerald, Director of Sierra Club Atlantic to the NS Law Amendments Committee.


To Members of the Nova Scotia Law Amendments Committee:


Thank you for your attention today.


Thank you for introducing this ban on cosmetic pesticides in Nova Scotia.


Sierra Club Canada volunteers and staff have worked long and hard toward this day. I would like to acknowledge in particular Emily MacMillan, former Director of the Atlantic Canada Chapter and volunteers with the Mud Creek Group of Sierra Club Atlantic who have worked to protect human health and biodiversity by pushing for municipal and provincial pesticide bans.

 ... Read more »




What are Pesticides?

Pesticides (herbicides, vermicides, fungicides, and rodenticides)  are poisons designed to kill insects, plants, fungi, moulds and rodents.  Pesticides contain “active” ingredients (the chemicals intended to kill), and so-called “inert” ingredients.  These are considered trade secrets, and although in many cases they can be even more toxic than “active” chemicals, most consumers are completely unaware they exist.  Even when used as directed, pesticides have many negative side effects on human health and the environment.... Read more »

Pesticide Reduction

Pesticides in Canada are widespread and commonly used in households- yet few Canadians are informed about the negative effects of these chemicals. Pesticide regulation in Canada is seen as inadequate by many and pesticides are promoted as “safe”; the risks associated with their use minimized. The continued use of pesticides in Canada contributes to a build-up of harmful chemicals in the environment.

According to Canadian studies, DDT and DDE residual levels in the breast milk to Inuit women in the Eastern Arctic are 1210 parts per billion, compared to 171 parts per billion in women in Southern Ontario. The extreme levels of persistent pesticides in Arctic people and animals high on the food chain are largely a result of transboundary transport and bioaccumulation. Similar build-ups of other harmful pesticides have been recorded in various parts of Canada including the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence River and the Prairies.... Read more »


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