P.E.I. pesticide ban to differ from Nova Scotia's

P.E.I.'s pesticide ban — which comes into effect April 1 — differs from legislation proposed in Nova Scotia, meaning a different set of lawn care products could be sold on either side of the Northumberland Strait.

P.E.I.'s banned list includes more than 240 products, many of which contain the chemical 2,4-D. It also includes any pesticide sold in concentrated or granular form.... Read more »

Sustainable Masterplan

View Eco Echo's sustainable masterplan with its extensive open space and educational and performance facilities in the planning stages. Read examples of other sustainable facilities that illustrate the potential for a fully operational Environmental Learning Center and Quarry Amphitheatre.

If You Love This Planet…

OTTAWA—Valentine’s Day may bring thoughts of romance, but according to Sierra Club Canada, it’s also a time to think of the environment and our consumer choices.  Although traditional gifts like chocolate and cut flowers can have serious environmental, health and social impacts, fortunately there are organic, fair trade and socially conscious alternatives available across Canada.

“Environmental Activist Helen Caldecott used to open her speeches with, ‘If you love this planet…’  What Sierra Club Canada is saying is if you love someone, and you love the planet, choose Valentine’s gifts with care and respect,” said John Bennett, Executive Director.
... Read more »

Zero tolerance urged for 2,4-D products


By Darcy Henton... Read more »


Pesticide Reduction

Pesticides in Canada are widespread and commonly used in households- yet few Canadians are informed about the negative effects of these chemicals. Pesticide regulation in Canada is seen as inadequate by many and pesticides are promoted as “safe”; the risks associated with their use minimized.... Read more »


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