Protecting Biodiversity

Mississauga's Natural Capital: The Foundation of Our Health and Well Being

Natural capital refers to stock of natural resources and environmental assets and how they contribute to building healthy communities. The Natural Capital perspective tries to quantify the wide range of benefits that are provided by these natural resources and environmental assets for free.

Thanks to recent support from Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund we are expanding the NCC by doing walks & talks and natural area restoration projects starting in April 2013. If you are interested in volunteering or attending these events contact Kristina at 647-346-8744 or

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February 26, 2013

For Immediate Release 

Niagara Region is getting an early start on consultations and input into the scheduled 2015 provincial review of the Greenbelt Plan. The Region’s, “Getting Ahead of the Provincial Review of the Greenbelt Plan – Strategy to Develop a made in Niagara Perspective”, outreach program is now underway. Sierra Club Ontario attended yesterday’s environmental focus group. A public meeting on the Greenbelt Plan takes place this evening at Balls Falls Conservation Centre.

The Greenbelt’s land-use policies protect environmental and agricultural lands from urban development and preserve the vibrant character of local towns and villages. ... Read more »

Salamanders in Crisis!

An Overview of why Salamander Conservation is Needed.                                                                                   

By Matt Ellerbeck - Salamander Conservationist... Read more »

Action Alert: Ban the sale, trade and possession of shark fins!

Dear Friend,

Over the past two years, a growing number of individuals, businesses, and governments in Canada and around the world have been rallying against the cruelty and ecological destruction caused by the practice of shark finning. Next Monday, January 28th, all eyes will be on Calgary City Council when they vote on a proposed bylaw to ban the sale, trade and distribution of shark fins in the city. If successful, Calgary will become the largest city in Canada to ban shark fins, and the 18th municipality in Canada to do so.

Thus far, Calgary City Council has shown resolve in moving this bylaw forward, and they have been strongly encouraged to do so by over 11,000 Calgarians who signed petitions to show their support. But Monday is the final vote, and City Council needs to hear your support more than ever.... Read more »


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