Protecting Biodiversity

City of Ottawa Sacrifices One of City’s Oldest Trees for Terry Fox Extension

OTTAWA -- A Black Sugar Maple that was more than 200 years old has been felled to make way for the extension of Terry Fox Drive in Kanata. The maple was cut along with a stand of tall White Pine (100 feet) and other mature healthy Black Maples.

“That tree was as old as Confederation.  It was on the edge of the roadway, in perfect health, and the City could have easily retained it,” says Paul Renaud, part of a coalition of citizens concerned about the impact of the new road.  “This is one more example of the City’s reckless disregard for the significant natural features of the area.”

Coalition members have studied the project and uncovered a long chain of questionable decisions and misleading reports in its planning and approval.  They say the City has failed to heed the results of public consultations which clearly identified ecological concerns as the top criteria for choosing the route of the new road.... Read more »

Meeting with your MLA

Contacting your MLA

This document provides information that may be useful if you plan on contacting your MLA regarding grizzly bear recovery in Alberta. It covers:

  • How to contact your MLA
  • Why it is important to contact your MLA
  • Talking points to discuss with your MLA
  • Coordinating a group meeting with your MLA

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact .

How to contact your MLA

To find your MLA and their contact information:... Read more »

Submit a Letter to the Editor


Thank you for submitting a letter to the Editor of your local paper. The Letters to the Editor page is the most read page in the newspaper. Submitting a letter is an effective and important way to voice your support for grizzly bear recovery in Alberta.

Keep these points in mind when writing your letter:
•    Letters should be short (300 words max) and focus on one main message.
•    Try to link your letter to the date and title of specific news story – ideally within two days of its publication
•    Be straightforward, factual and to the point.
•    Include your name and contact information
 ... Read more »

Site C “Misguided” Due to Monumental Impacts, Says Sierra Club BC

Energy Conservation Should Fill the Gap to Save Prime Agricultural Land & Wildlife

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        
Victoria, BC—The Site C dam is an “ill-advised” mega-project that fails to meet minimum international standards for large dam construction and could substantially increase B.C.’s carbon emissions, Sierra Club BC Executive Director George Heyman said today.
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Critter patrol on Terry Fox

The tidy brick bungalows of Statewood Drive, a quiet residential street in Kanata, end abruptly at the construction site of the new Terry Fox Drive extension.

Here, huge tree-clearing machines cut a 45-metre swathe through the hardwood forest. Backhoes dig up the soil and dump-trucks rumble over the muddy ground, carting away loads of earth and bringing in tonnes of gravel.

The new ring road is much anticipated by drivers seeking a direct link between the north and south ends of Kanata, and by developers eager to expand housing into the now-forested areas that will be served by the new road.

The project has drawn the fire of environmentalists — notably Sierra Club Canada, which is researching a potential legal challenge.... Read more »


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