Protecting Biodiversity

Upcoming Events--Save the Blanding's Turtle

Wednesday, May 12 -- 7:00 to 9:00 pm -- Kanata, Elections 2010, and the Environment
The next municipal election is coming up in October.  Ecology Ottawa has organized this forum as a way for Kanata residents to speak up about environmental issues such as flood-plain development, green space, mass transit, and so forth.  Malack Centre, Hall D, 2500 Campeau Drive, Kanata
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Free Trade with Europe (Toronto Star Editorial )

“Such proposals are all hugely controversial — or they would be if anyone were paying attention. The problem is that the Canada/EU negotiations are taking place below the Canadian radar screen. Helena Guergis and Rahim Jaffer are getting more ink and air time here than free trade with Europe. In Parliament this week, just one question was asked about the negotiations. In principle, broadening trade with Europe and lessening dependence on the U.S. is an attractive idea. But the details of a deal with the EU could negatively impact many Canadians. It is time, then, to make these negotiations part of the political debate in Canada.”

Free trade with Europe?
May 7, 2010
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Letter to Members of the Finance Committee

May 6, 2010

Members of the Finance Committee

Save Canada’s environmental laws

Dear Mr. Rajotte and Members of the Finance Committee:

I am writing to propose that the House of Commons Finance Committee remove the environmental assessment provisions (Part 20) from Bill C-9, the 2010 budget implementation legislation.  I further propose that the Committee request that the House of Commons refer these provisions to the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee for its consideration as part of the seven-year review of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA).
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Stop the Terry Fox road construction and start planning a park!

Stop the Terry Fox road construction and start planning a park!   City Council and the Mayor need to hear that message loudly and clearly.  Recently, Ottawa’s Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee unanimously passed a motion urging Council to put the road construction on hold and do an in-depth ecological analysis (see attached article).  The meeting was packed with concerned citizens, including Sierra Club members, who thoroughly exposed the gaping holes in the environmental assessment the City has undertaken.  It was only this week that the consultants began to plan a tracking study of the Blanding’s Turtles, to find out where and how the turtles move through the forests and wetlands, but they’ve already decided where the culverts will go that are supposed to help the turtles get to the other side of the road!
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Sierra Club Ontario asks court to review Detroit-Windsor bridge plan

The Ontario chapter of an environmental group is asking for a judicial review of a proposed bridge between Windsor and Detroit.

Sierra Club Ontario said in a statement this afternoon that it’s asking for the review because the $5.3 billion Detroit River International Crossing “will be built through part of last remaining natural prairie ecosystems in Canada.”... Read more »


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