Protecting Biodiversity

Stop the Terry Fox road construction and start planning a park!

Stop the Terry Fox road construction and start planning a park!   City Council and the Mayor need to hear that message loudly and clearly.  Recently, Ottawa’s Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee unanimously passed a motion urging Council to put the road construction on hold and do an in-depth ecological analysis (see attached article).  The meeting was packed with concerned citizens, including Sierra Club members, who thoroughly exposed the gaping holes in the environmental assessment the City has undertaken.  It was only this week that the consultants began to plan a tracking study of the Blanding’s Turtles, to find out where and how the turtles move through the forests and wetlands, but they’ve already decided where the culverts will go that are supposed to help the turtles get to the other side of the road!
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Sierra Club Ontario asks court to review Detroit-Windsor bridge plan

The Ontario chapter of an environmental group is asking for a judicial review of a proposed bridge between Windsor and Detroit.

Sierra Club Ontario said in a statement this afternoon that it’s asking for the review because the $5.3 billion Detroit River International Crossing “will be built through part of last remaining natural prairie ecosystems in Canada.”... Read more »

Baird Donates $550 million of Canadian Taxpayers' Money to Michigan

OTTAWA--Today the Federal Minister of Transportation, John Baird, confirmed the federal government intends to bailout the Detroit River International Crossing by offering to contribute an additional US$550 million to the State of Michigan. The planned Windsor-Detroit bridge will be built through part of last remaining natural Prairie Ecosystems in Canada.
Sierra Club Ontario has filed for Judicial Review of the federal Environmental Assessment of the DRIC Project.

“Minister Baird is ignoring the need for a proper environmental assessment of this project,” said John Bennett, Executive Director, Sierra Club Canada.  “This project is now before the courts. It is inappropriate for the minister to be making announcements before the court rules,” said Mr. Bennett.
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Cycles of Change: A Letter from Liam

Dear Concerned Citizen,

My name is Liam Wacey, and I would like to take just a minute of your time to talk about what I believe to be the most serious issue facing our planet today, and how I intend to bring awareness to it and to the Sierra Club through my cross Canada bike trip.
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Liam Wacey's Biography

What follows is a short biography of my life, and my reasons for caring about the environment.

Firstly, I have spent almost my entire life in Vernon, B.C., mostly at home with my family.  We have always lived in the rural area of town, called the B.X., and it is here that my passion for the outdoors was first birthed.  Although I am not very good at putting adequate words to the memories I have (which might account for my general resistance to journaling) if given the chance I would talk all day about summer evenings at the pond or winters spent tobogganing at the orchard behind my house.  Hiking in the foothills and snowboarding in the mountains above them have all been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; truly I had everything right outside my door that a boy could ask for.  These experiences have helped shape my independence and spirit of adventure immensely.
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