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Government Article says low level of Lake Michigan a nonissue for the public

Board's approach questioned after hearings found opposite

By Dan Egan of the Journal Sentinel

A government-funded article circulating on the Internet reports that people living on the Lake Michigan shoreline aren't interested in exploring what it would take to restore the lake to its historical level.

Never mind the century-long navigational dredging that has dramatically changed the flow of the St. Clair River, which drains water from Lakes Michigan and Huron toward the Atlantic Ocean.

Never mind that public hearings around the region concluded months ago there was plenty of interest in having the Canadian and U.S. governments explore how to fix the St. Clair.

Never mind that the lake is within about a foot of its all-time low for this time of year.... Read more »

Great Lakes steward lets down public

Editorial in Port Huron Times Herald, February 18, 2011... Read more »

Groups protest proposed environment spending cuts

A number of organizations are warning that proposed cuts by the federal government to environment-related spending will have a detrimental effect on the country's freshwater.

"The departure of dozens of scientists and technicians could hamper Canada's ability to protect our water supplies across the country," reads an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper that was posted on the website of the Council of Canadians.

The letter, signed by nearly 50 organizations, including the Council of Canadians, Sierra Club Canada and Canadian Union of Public Employees, cited $1.6 billion in overall cuts related to the environment, $222 million in reductions specifically at Environment Canada and the elimination of 1,211 jobs.

The letter's numbers appear to be based on proposed cuts released from the Treasury Board earlier this year before the recent federal election and budget.... Read more »

OP ED: Frontier Centre's argument (on Alberta water market debate) not based in fact

As Alberta’s population continues to increase, and the economy continues to grow, so too do concerns about the future availability of water, particularly in the semi-arid south. How the government deals with the critical issue of water allocation in the province will have significant consequences not only for the province’s population centres, but also for the province’s water-intensive agricultural industry, economic growth and the long-term sustainability of critical provincial eco-systems.

Developing this kind of policy is most effective when accompanied by an informed public debate of all the pertinent issues and a consultation process that allows for genuine expression of the needs and priorities of all stakeholders, including the environment, followed by thoughtful consideration of a broad range of alternatives.... Read more »

Action H2O Forum: Can ENGOs Influence Ontario Water Policy?

Sierra Club Ontario Great Lakes and Ontario Water Forum:

 Communicating > Influencing > Cooperating

On May 26th Sierra Club Ontario and fellow environmental organizations will join together for a day-long forum to discuss water policy, collaborative action, and public outreach.

This interactive forum is meant to seek collaborative solutions to tackle existing challenges and harness opportunities to drive sustainable, long-term management.

* Reaching and influencing government action on a provincial, national, and bi-national level

*  Engaging stakeholders: driving awareness and action on significant issues such as the Great Lakes

* Collaboration among the ENGO community: seeking common goals to strengthen resources and effect change.... Read more »


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