Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture

If You Love This Planet…

OTTAWA—Valentine’s Day may bring thoughts of romance, but according to Sierra Club Canada, it’s also a time to think of the environment and our consumer choices.  Although traditional gifts like chocolate and cut flowers can have serious environmental, health and social impacts, fortunately there are organic, fair trade and socially conscious alternatives available across Canada.

“Environmental Activist Helen Caldecott used to open her speeches with, ‘If you love this planet…’  What Sierra Club Canada is saying is if you love someone, and you love the planet, choose Valentine’s gifts with care and respect,” said John Bennett, Executive Director.
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Free Trade Doesn't Work: What Should Replace it and Why

Further to the first Activist Chat Video with John Bennett and Janet Eaton which
highlights issues around economic globalization and free trade, the
need to renegotiate NAFTA and alternatives being proposed at this
time in the US under the TRADE Act, comes an invaluable book which
provides a more indepth look at this very subject.

"Free Trade Doesn't Work - What Should Replace it and Why" by Ian Fletcher, not only explains in detail why the standard economic arguments free traders use all the time are false and what's wrong with NAFTA, CAFTA, the WTO, it also looks at what kind of economic ideas underpin changes required and provides a discussion of what a managed trade system could accomplish.

I'm ordering this book today and will provide further insights on this site at a later date. Check out the book review below. Exemplary praise from a diverse number of NGO's and experts in the field of free trade and its impacts.... Read more »

Want to stop climate change? Put a fork in it, advocates say

Restoring local farms, creating more community gardens and planting more backyard vegetables are some of the simple ways people in St. John's can cut greenhouse gases, residents heard Sunday.

Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture

As food is a major contributor to human health, agriculture can be a major threat to our environment. In 1999, in response to this threat, Sierra Club Canada launched its "Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture" program.... Read more »


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