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Birthday of the beer can

...from healthy glass to BPA epoxy lined aluminum cans. It is nothing to celebrate.

by Lloyd Alter, January 30, 2012 published on Read more »

Is your fridge wasting food & electricity?


Ever noticed some people get by with much smaller fridges? It's not always because they go out to dinner every night. I stayed with a family in Shanghai who ate almost entirely home-cooked, healthy food and had a tiny fridge. You may be surprised how alternate handling of a lot of your food makes it last longer - and uses less space in your fridge. 

According to Lloyd Alter with, too many of us use our fridge as "an expensive air conditioned parking lots for what Shay Salomon called "compost and condiments." 

Smaller fridge = less electricity. ... Read more »

Sierra Club's Safe Sushi smartphone app

Beyond Coal campaign cool new tool

Love sushi? Make sure you choose safe fish. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin and can damage your brain and nervous system. Next time you order, choose fish that is low in mercury.

Download the app to make smart choices on the go, and find out more at

Foodstock - A great success for the anti-quarry movement

This past weekend was an event put on by local residents of Melanchton who oppose the mega-quarry. Read all about this wonderful event from various news articles below.

Foodstock: Back to the farm, but with knives in hand (Globe and Mail)

Fighting the mega-quarry at Foodstock (NOW magazine)... Read more »

Environmental network forced to close doors afer 34 years

A 34-year-old national environmental network that has served as a link between people and the federal government shut its doors Friday afternoon after Environment Canada cut its funding.

The Canadian Environmental Network was told Thursday that its funding from the federal government won't be renewed.

"It was a real kick in the pants," said Dan Casselman, the group's senior national caucus co-ordinator.

"If they'd given us some warning we might have had time to find money somewhere else."

The network acted as a link between 640 small environmental groups across the country and the federal government. In the past, if Ottawa needed advice on policies or new laws it would ask the network for input. The organization would then help the various smaller groups discuss issues and take part in formal consultations across the country.
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