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Kids' concentration improved with exercise

From The Atlantic Cities (online) article by Sarah Goodyear... Read more »

Action Alert: Ban the sale, trade and possession of shark fins!

Dear Friend,

Over the past two years, a growing number of individuals, businesses, and governments in Canada and around the world have been rallying against the cruelty and ecological destruction caused by the practice of shark finning. Next Monday, January 28th, all eyes will be on Calgary City Council when they vote on a proposed bylaw to ban the sale, trade and distribution of shark fins in the city. If successful, Calgary will become the largest city in Canada to ban shark fins, and the 18th municipality in Canada to do so.

Thus far, Calgary City Council has shown resolve in moving this bylaw forward, and they have been strongly encouraged to do so by over 11,000 Calgarians who signed petitions to show their support. But Monday is the final vote, and City Council needs to hear your support more than ever.... Read more »

More forgiving design is possible - and coming to a road near you (one hopes!)

"Is ‘forgiveness’ just for auto drivers?"

The headline of this article made me think of the legal forgiveness that car/truck drivers often get when they hit pedestrians or bicyclists. But that's not what they are talking about. They are talking about engineered transportation designs that allow for our mistakes and human nature. An example of forgiving design is the placement of rumble-strips on the road to alert an auto driver they are approaching a stop or may be driving off onto the shoulder. Unfortunately, some of these forgiving elements only serve to allow drivers to speed up or drive more carelessly.

Forgiving design elements are known but rarely applied to protect pedestrians and bicyclists but that trend appears to be changing. ... Read more »

BREAK’S OVER: Urgent action needed on proposed changes to Ontario’s Endangered Species Act

Dear Friend,

The break is over and we only have a few days to convince the Ontario government not to weaken its already inadequate enforcement of the Endangered Species Act.

The Natural Resources Ministry wants to stop issuing permits to developers wanting to build in areas where endangered species are living. Instead of being required to obtain a permit (as is the case now) when working in sensitive habitat areas home to endangered or threatened species, developers and industry would only have to voluntarily comply with existing rules and regulations. In our business "voluntary regulation" is an oxymoron; a misnomer for deregulation or the wholesale gutting of regulation (remember voluntary labeling of GM foods – 10 years later we’re still waiting for that to happen).... Read more »

Annual Report

SCC Annual Report 2011

Sierra Club Canada's (SCC) 2012 Annual Report summarizes the year's findings for the National Office,
Atlantic Chapter, Québec Chapter, Ontario Chapter, Prairie Chapter, British Columbia Chapter,
and Sierra Youth Coalition.

SCC Annual Report 2011
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