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New CCPA report says CETA threatens procurement and public services

Negotiating from Weakness 

Canada-EU trade treaty threatens Canadian purchasing policies and public services

The third round of negotiations for the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) are taking place in Ottawa April 19-23. A new CCPA analysis of the proposed agreement warns that it poses a serious threat to Canada's  procurement policies and a broad range of public services.... Read more »

Can-EU FTA (CETA) Impacts Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change

Trade & Environment Fact Sheet By Janet Eaton, Sierra Club Canada for the Trade Justice Network, April 19, 2010 (

 The Canada-E.U. Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) negotiations are based on commitments to place corporate profit and power before social and economic justice, democratic control, and ecological sustainability. Negotiations are progressing quickly and with little public scrutiny until now.

What is the threat we face? ... Read more »

Trade Justice Network releases secret draft of Canada-European Union free trade agreement

Makes demands of Canadian and European governments

Ottawa, April 19 – As the third round of Canada-European Union free trade negotiations commence the newly formed Trade Justice Network today publicly released the draft text of the proposed Canada-European Union Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) – the most significant bilateral trade negotiation since the NAFTA. The network is raising serious concerns about the agreement’s potential impact on public and environmental policy, and public services in both Canada and Europe, among other issues, and has outlined a set of demands that must be met before negotiations are allowed to continue. ... Read more »

Canada-EU trade: And suddenly it was Christmas for policy geeks

A coalition of the usual suspects groups dedicated to defending the rights of workers and the downtrodden have this morning released very nearly the entire draft negotiating text of a proposed Canada-EU trade and investment agreement.


Additional Excerpt:
I’m seeking comment from European member states and the European Commission, as well as from Canadian advocates of a CETA (and, just because I enjoy smacking my head against a wall, from the Government of Canada too). I’ll let you know, here or in the magazine, what I find. Advocates of enhanced Canada-EU trade have preferred to low-bridge the whole process since negotiations began. I believe that option just evaporated.


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