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Local activists surprised by Clinton apology to Haiti

Nova Scotia activists are expressing surprise that former US president Bill Clinton has apologized for flooding Haiti with cheap American rice beginning in the mid 1990s. During testimony before a US Senate committee three weeks ago, Clinton admitted that requiring Haiti to lower its tariffs on rice imports made it impossible for Haitian farmers to compete. The trade policy forced farmers off the land and undercut Haiti's ability to feed itself.

Additional Excerpt:

Janet Eaton, trade and environment campaigner for Sierra Club Canada, says members of the global democracy movement have long known about the failures of the globalized food system and Clinton’s apology to Haitians only reinforces what many activists have talked and written about for years.... Read more »

CCFTA: Turning a blind eye on human rights

What appeared to be a postponed deal resurfaced on the agenda of the Canadian government last week when Trade Minister Peter Van Loan re-introduced the Canada-Colombia free trade agreement into Parliament.... Read more »

Sierra Club Canada to host Eco Echo Benefit Concert at Black Sheep Inn

WAKEFIELD--Sierra Club Canada will be hosting a benefit concert held this Thursday, March 25 at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield to raise awareness about sustainable economies and the Eco Echo community project.  Ottawa band The Pelts will be joined by special guests Brasstronaut and Glenn Nuotio for a musical extravaganza in support of the Eco Echo Outaouais Environmental Campus.

Demand Accountability from Mayor Bussiere and your Council member!

Action Deadline: 
Mon, 2010-03-29 (All day)
Council members in La Peche need to hear your views on expropriating 60 prime acres that is currently designated by Eco Echo for community demonstration gardens. Expropriation will cutoff public access to the quarry amphitheatre and the orchards of the Wakefield Organic Fruit Co-operative. Expropriation will elminate training programs, workshops, locally grown fruit and outdoor performances that offer local employment and entertainment. Without consultation, Mayor Bussiere has proposed building an industrial park on this priceless land, yet has provided no details about the full cost or benefit to the community. Hold the Mayor and your Council members accountable!

Write your Council member and the Mayor to support Eco Echo's mandate for a vibrant, community-centered, eco-tourism and cultural destination at the gateway to the Municipality. 

Let your voice be heard!

Robert Bussière, Mayor

Sustainable Masterplan

View Eco Echo's sustainable masterplan with its extensive open space and educational and performance facilities in the planning stages. Read examples of other sustainable facilities that illustrate the potential for a fully operational Environmental Learning Center and Quarry Amphitheatre.


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