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No Frack Fridays

Get Tweeting on No Frack Fridays!

Tell our elected representatives in Atlantic Canada that hydraulic fracturing for unconventional natural gas is not what we want for our communities!

In order to get tweeting on No Frack Fridays, you need a twitter account (its free!), and know who your MLA, Ministers of Environment/Energy, and/or Premier are. On Fridays we are going to tweet away at our leaders and let them know some facts about fracking (or frackts!).

To Participate!
1. @______ (Address the tweet to the appropriate representative.)
2. Copy and paste one of these frackts in your tweet.
3. Add #nofrackfri and tweet away!... Read more »

Prof. Ostrom letter to IUGLS: condition of Lake Huron is 'distressing'

A recent letter from Professor Ostrom, a scholar in policy analysis and natural resources, urges the members of the International Great Lakes Study Team to do something. She says the "substantial costs to ecology of Lake Huron have not been taken into account" - and this woman knows her cost accounting!

Read the letter she wrote to the IUGLS team here.

To read the bio of Prof. Ostrom, click here.

Eco monitoring plan a non-plan says Sierra Club Canada

Media Release, July 21, 2011

The 'environmental monitoring' plan for the Tar Sands announced today by the federal government is actually a non-plan says Sierra Club Canada. Delay, delay, delay would be a more apt assessment of the federal government’s announcement.
Monitoring is fine but the real question is limiting pollution and addressing climate change. Sierra Club Canada has no confidence the federal and Alberta governments will actually do that. There is a long history of allowing the oil companies to do what they want.
"We want a real plan that limits pollution and addresses climate change," said Sierra Club Canada's Executive Director John Bennett. "Unfortunately, this plan is about public relations."
 ... Read more »

Greening Canada’s game: Manitoba looks at recycling shower water for ice rinks

Manitoba hockey players, figure skaters and curlers could soon be among the first in Canada to play on ice made from recycled shower water.

The province is looking at a pilot project that would see the Winnipeg arena where Stanley Cup champion Jonathan Toews played hockey as a child convert its shampoo and sweat-laced waste water into ice for five of its skating rinks.

If the project is successful, the province would like to expand the concept to include all Manitoba ice skating — and even curling — rinks. Water Stewardship Minister Christine Melnick said Manitoba is the first province to look at recycling so-called grey water this way.... Read more »

Action H2O Forum - results report

On May 26th2011, Sierra Club Ontario hosted the Action H2O Forum, a day long workshop to discuss water policy, public outreach and communications, and collaborative action.  The Forum was attended by over 25 representatives of environmental non-government organizations (ENGOs) that are actively working on Great Lakes and water-related issues in Ontario.

The overriding purpose of the Forum was:

To engage ENGO leaders in identifying strategies for collaborative action to enhance water policy and water resource management in Ontario.

The Forum focused on three key themes:

1.    Influencing government policies;

2.    Collaboration between ENGOs; and

3.    Communication with mass media.

Click here or on attachment below to open the report.


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