Water Quality

Federal Action Needed: Safe Drinking Water for All Canadians!


OTTAWA— Canada needs a national freshwater strategy that includes a Safe Drinking Water Act.  According to Sierra Club, this is essential to provide all Canadians with equal access to clean and safe drinking water.... Read more »

Time to remove phosphates from detergents


(Ottawa) A bill introduced in the House of Commons today is vitally necessary to protect waterways, according to Sierra Club of Canada.  The bill to amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, introduced by Bloc Québécois MP Guy André, aims to ban detergents that contain phosphates.

Eco-group endorses plan for Petitcodiac

The internationally renowned Sierra Club of Canada is throwing its weight behind the Petitcodiac River's restoration.

Having remained silent on the file so far, the environmental group, which represents over 10,000 supporters, told the Times & Transcript yesterday that the river's restoration is on the national radar.

Gretchen Fitzgerald, director of the Sierra Club's Atlantic chapter in Halifax, says the upcoming start of the fall parliamentary session is the perfect time to for the Harper government to show green-minded voters it has its finger on their pulse.

Flushing away our future

The key to the world's declining frog populations might be swimming in a tank in the underbelly of the University of Ottawa.

Water oxygenators hum in a tiny, high-humidity basement lab, sending oxygen to hundreds of frogs -- test subjects for the effects humans are having on the survival of amphibians. And so far, the evidence is damning.


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