Wilderness and Species Conservation

#BlackOutSpeakOut campaign launched by environmental groups



OTTAWA – According to a national campaign being launched Monday, May 7th by the country’s leading environmental organizations, the federal government’s war on nature and democracy means “Silence is no longer an option!” The campaign aims to force the Harper government to retreat and restore the environmental protection and democratic participation it recently gutted.... Read more »

Budget: Canadians have no say in environmental laws

Media Release, March 29, 2012

OTTAWA- Canadians are less able to protect our water, air and land because of changes to environmental law outlined in today’s federal budget.

The key change, essentially speeding up environmental reviews of mega-projects, will greatly hurt the public's ability to participate in future processes.

“Environmental assessments need to be thorough, consultative and science-based.” said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada. “Creating hard-time limits and rushing the process compromises all these things.”

The changes will result in weaker environmental assessments and projects being approved without a full understanding of the social, economic and environmental impacts they will have.

... Read more »

Senate examines foreign funding of charities

The Conservative government has quietly begun looking into the charitable status of environmental groups in the Senate.

Senator Nicole Eaton is sponsoring an inquiry into what she calls "funding by foreign foundations." Eaton began her debate Tuesday by laying out what she considers to be a threat to the Canadian economy.

"This inquiry is about master manipulators who are operating under the guise of charitable organizations in an effort to manipulate our policies for their own gain," she said in the Upper Chamber.

Environmental groups don't see it that way.

"My fear is that they will just try to smear us and then walk away," said John Bennett, executive director of Sierra Club Canada. "And that they're hoping to frighten off U.S. foundations from supporting us... And they're going to try to turn off the public from supporting us."... Read more »

Premier Charest: Call 'Time-Out' on A5 HWY Extension

Media Release (March 1, 2012)

OTTAWA – Sierra Club Canada has joined with local Wakefield residents, Gatineau Park protectors, and large and small environmental groups in a call on Premier Jean Charest to temporarily halt construction of the A5 highway extension project near Wakefield village. At stake are 88 acres of old growth forest and the drinking water of thousands of people.

"The cumulative negative impacts of roads on species and ecosystem integrity are evident across the country, and it is the job of government to ensure every action is taken to minimize such impacts," said John Bennett, Executive Director. "It would appear this did not happen in the Wakefield case," he said.

Apart from two very short online public comment periods, there has been no active effort by MTQ to consult with local area residents since the original environmental assessment was conducted over 25 years ago in 1987.... Read more »

Thanks for howling with the wolves!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for standing up against the flawed plan to slaughter wolves to 'protect'  Woodland Caribou. We collected almost 3000 endorsements of our official response in just 4 days! Government officials have been overwhelmed by the outcry from Canadians and people around world.

This is not a numbers game—we are raising significant scientific issues that cannot be ignored by government and we need your help to do more.... Read more »


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