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Lobby groups sound alarm over human-related grizzly deaths

The call for grizzly bears in Alberta to be declared a threatened species is growing ever louder.

A number of wildlife and environmental groups, including the Sierra Club of Canada, Nature Alberta, and Alberta Wilderness Association, have gone through the numbers of grizzly deaths in Alberta last year and say confirmed human-related mortalities are at a critical level.

Additional Excerpt:

They say figures from the Sustainable Resource Development ministry show in 2009, 17 of 21 bear deaths were linked to humans.

Humans killing too many grizzly bears in Alberta

EDMONTON--Human caused deaths of grizzly bears in Alberta reached unsustainable levels in 2009. Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) reported that 17 grizzly bears were killed by humans in 2009 and almost that many again were relocated. Scientific research indicates that unknown poaching kills likely accounted for an additional five to eight undocumented grizzly bear mortalities. Conservationists are calling on the Alberta government to immediately list the grizzly bear as Threatened under Alberta’s Wildlife Act; increase habitat security by protecting critical habitat and reducing open route densities in grizzly bear range; and increase funding to public education programs that aim to reduce human-bear conflict. 

“These high rates of mortality could have been avoided had the government implemented key aspects of the Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan that it adopted two years ago,” says Carl Morrison of Sierra Club Canada

Comments submitted to MNR regarding the City's permit application under regulations of the Endangered Species Act.

The Following are comments submitted to the Ministry of Natural Resources by a concerned citizen regarding the TFD extension:

Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick,

I have prepared the comments below in response to the subject EBR posting concerning the City of Ottawa's application to remove species pursuant to Ontario Regulation 242/08 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

For the reasons outlined below, I disagree with the following boundary condition of this application:

"These municipal road works were authorized to proceed under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment prior to June 30, 2008. Therefore, this project qualifies for a transitional provision under Ontario Regulation 242/08 and the city is eligible to enter into an agreement with the Minister of Natural Resources. " ... Read more »

Sierra Club debates Terry Fox Drive expansion

It was a full house at the Beaverbrook Community Centre on Wednesday, March 24 with residents listening to a debate deemed “turtles vs. road.”

Gord Henderson, president of the Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association mediated the debate between John Bennett, executive director of the Sierra Club Canada, and Matt Muirhead, president of the Briarbrook Morgan’s Grant Community Association.... Read more »

Ottawa Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee (old)


An Interesting site that is some years old.

Comment on Proposed Rezoning of Carp Ridge Natural Environment Area ‘A’ in the South March Community ... Read more »


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