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Making News

Canadian Arctic nearly loses entire ice shelf from global warming

Luke Copland is an associate professor in the geography department at the University of Ottawa who co-authored the research published on Carleton University’s website. He said the Serson Ice Shelf shrank from 205 square kilometres to two remnant sections five years ago, and was further diminished this past summer.

Prof. Copland said the shelf went from a 42-square-km floating glacier tongue to 25 square km, and the second section from 35 square km to 7 square km, off Ellesmere Island’s northern coastline.

This past summer, Ward Hunt Ice Shelf’s central area disintegrated into drifting ice masses, leaving two separate ice shelves measuring 227 and 74 square km respectively, reduced from 340 square km the previous year.... Read more »

Global Warming Could Cost Canada Billions, Study Warns

A report by an advisory board to the government of Canada estimates that the effects of global warming will cost the country’s economy 5 billion Canadian dollars a year by 2020 and that those costs will rise substantially afterward.

Unlike earlier studies, the report does not examine the costs of reducing greenhouse gas emissions; it looked at the economic consequences of global warming.

“The costs we could incur from climate change are the costs of continuously adjusting to changing conditions,” the advisory board, the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, said. “Although harder to calculate and less immediately apparent, they are real and significant and bear understanding.”
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Climate change to cost Canada billions: panel

OTTAWA - Climate change will cause damage in Canada equivalent to around 1 percent of GDP in 2050 as rising temperatures kill off forests, flood low-lying areas and cause more illnesses, an official panel said on Thursday.

The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy said Canada's Conservative government - criticized by green activists for not doing enough to fight global warming - should take measures to mitigate the effects of climate change, which most scientists blame on greenhouse gas emissions.


The north of Canada, the world's second largest country, is warming up at a much faster pace than the rest of the Earth.
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Economic costs of climate change will be high, expert panel warns

Canadians face a high economic cost from the impact of a warming global climate, and the country should act quickly to reduce the financial price by investing in adaptation measures, a federal advisory panel warns.

In a report released Thursday, the National Roundtable on the Environment and Economy forecasts that climate change will have a variety of increasingly harmful impacts, from flooding in low-lying coastal regions and threats to Canada’s timber supply, to health problems caused by worsening air quality.

“We are already affected by climate change and will be by the carbon already in the atmosphere, so we already face physical changes to our environment and economic costs as a result,” said David McLaughlin, chief executive at the roundtable.... Read more »

Tar Sands opponents to descend on Parliament Hill

Hundreds of demonstrators are vowing a day of civil disobedience on Parliament Hill in a bid to counter the Harper government’s vigorous promotion of oil-sands exports to the United States.

Protesters are threatening to cross the RCMP’s security perimeter Monday and “sit down in a symbolic way to stand up against the Canadian tar sands,” echoing a series of protests in which 1,200 people were arrested in front of the White House last month.

“We have hundreds of people who have signed up to risk arrest,” said Clayton Thomas-Muller, a campaigner with the Indigenous Environmental Network.
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Big-name celebs irk Ottawa in Keystone XL pipeline debate

REUTERS - Canada's energy minister shot back on Friday at Hollywood celebrities protesting a plan to build a $7 billion oil pipeline to Texas from Alberta in the first public indication that the protests are getting under Ottawa's skin.

Joe Oliver, the minister in charge of energy, said increasingly vocal critics opposing the project on environmental grounds may become a threat to his government's plans to cement Canada as the dominant North American energy supplier.

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Keystone XL: A pipeline that should not be built

We are living in a market economy, but that doesn't mean there aren't choices to be made.

We could be living in a smart market economy. One that invests in education and training, in innovation, in new ideas. That competes at the high end. That makes sure, in many ways, that it leaves no one behind. One that shares its benefits more equally – much more equally. There is much to say about that. We'll get to it.

And then there's the dumb market economy we're living in instead … increasingly, courtesy of the Harper government. Exhibit A: the Keystone XL pipeline.

If you haven't heard of this project, you should. It is, in many ways, the keystone to Stephen Harper's approach to the Canadian economy, and to what passes for environmental policy in this government.
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Arctic ice at second-lowest level

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) says the minimum, reached on 9 September, was 4.33 million sq km.

That value is 36% lower than the average minimum for 1979-2000.

NSIDC said the figure was preliminary, and that "changing winds could still push the ice extent lower" before final numbers are published in early October.

The preliminary value is 160,000 sq km - or 4% - above the record minimum seen in 2007.

"While the record low year of 2007 was marked by a combination of weather conditions that favoured ice loss - including clearer skies, favourable wind patterns and warm temperatures - this year has shown more typical weather patterns but continued warmth over the Arctic," they wrote.

"This supports the idea that the Arctic sea ice cover is continuing to thin."... Read more »


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