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DELETE Stop the Big Heist - Ottawa Hands Offshore Regulation to Oil Industry

Take Action RIGHT NOW to protect our oceans and the Gulf of St. Lawrence

In a shocking move that runs contrary to transparency and their promises to protect the environment, our government is handing offshore oil and gas regulation ... to the OIL INDUSTRY!

The Trudeau government wants the two offshore petroleum boards - bodies who have been created to promote oil and gas exploration - to be the ones to assess environmental impacts of the very projects they are promoting. It is a clear conflict of interest.

Re: Kemp Stanton's letter - NAFTA’s replacement must benefit people and the planet, not corporate polluters!

ReplaceNAFTANAFTA MUST BE BETTER! Send your letter today!

For too long, trade deals have been written to benefit the powerful few at the expense of people and the environment. Trade deals like NAFTA give corporate polluters new power, while undermining environmental and labor standards.

Save The Gulf of St. Lawrence

Take Action Now to Protect Blue Whales and The Gulf of St. Lawrence!

It’s like a bad dream that you can’t wake up from. The company that has wanted to drill in the Gulf of St. Lawrence for nine years, the same Blue whale calf and mothercompany responsible for seismic testing while the endangered blue whale was migrating, wants a new license.

BP drill projects now approved with no way to manage a disaster at sea!

It could happen here.Take Action RIGHT NOW to protect our oceans from oil and gas disaster.

In a slippery and convenient window of opportunity - just days before tabling legislation to “overhaul” hollowed-out environmental assessment from the Harper regime - the Trudeau government has just announced approval for up to seven BP drill well projects in our offshore waters, wit

Blue Whale Project

The Blue Whale Project is a program of Sierra Club of Canada Foundation that seeks to be the proactive voice of the endangered Blue Whales in Atlantic Canada. The Blue Whale Project recognizes the Gulf of St Lawrence as critical habitat for this species and advocates for research, awareness, and responsible management of this essential marine ecosystem.