Over the years, Sierra Club of Canada has posted many of its publications to the web in both html and pdf formats. If a publication isn't listed here, it may be available in a print version. Contact us at if you can't find what you're looking for.
2013-03-27   |   View this publication   |   Ecosystems, Ontario Chapter, Health & Environment, Protecting Biodiversity
Natural capital refers to stock of natural resources and environmental assets and how they contribute to building healthy communities. The Natural Capital perspective tries to quantify the wide range of benefits that are provided by these natural resources and environmental assets for free.Thanks to recent support from Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund we are expanding the NCC by doing walks & talks and natural area restoration projects starting in April 2013. If you are interested in volunteering or attending these events contact Kristina at 647-346-8744 or to open the pdf below and learn more about specific Mississauga examples of natural capital.
2013-01-31   |   View this publication   |   none
2013-01-15   |   View this publication   |   Ontario Chapter, Nuclear Phaseout, Nuclear Subsidies, Radioactive Waste, Nuclear-Free Canada, Health & Environment
At the request of Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Sierra Club Canada sent in extra submissions on Darlington Nuclear Generating Station (Clarington, Ontario) on Jan 14.  This paper goes into greater detail on the issue of the binational Air Quality Agreement and lack of notice given to the US related to pollutants released at Darlington.  The Sierra Club's Atlantic Chapter (New York) has submitted a letter of concern as well.
2012-12-13   |   View this publication   |   none
2012-12-05   |   View this publication   |   Ontario Chapter, Nuclear-Free Canada
2012-11-20   |   View this publication   |   Ontario Chapter, Water, Water Conservation, Great Lakes, National Water Strategy
For those seeking information on Georgian Bay water levels, there are 3 slideshow presentations attached below.   There are also a series of videos you can watch on the CTV News Barrie website:  
2012-11-20   |   View this publication   |   Atlantic Chapter, Ecosystems, Oceans
Sierra Club Atlantic's Dr. Fred Winsor is participating in consultations to identify areas that are important in terms of their contribution to biodiveristy, uniqueness, and productivity off Newfoundland and Labrador (what the Department of Fisheries and Oceans referes to as "Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas" or EBSAs). Fred wrote this letter to ask that the process of identifying ESBAs include the impact of humans on the ecosystems being studied, since some areas now depleted - such as fishing grounds near the Grey Islands off the Great Northern Peninsula - were formerly hotspots for the fishery - and could be once again with efforts at ocean food web recovery. The letter also gives a great historical overview of the European and Canadian fishery over the past five hundred years.
2012-09-23   |   View this publication   |   none
2012-09-21   |   View this publication   |   none


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