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2011-01-19   |   View this publication   |   Ontario Chapter, Trade and Environment, Protecting Biodiversity
Sierra Club Ontario released an Econometric Research Limited study that concludes that there is no need for a new Windsor-Detroit bridge. Econometric Research determined that projections for increased cross-border traffic are erroneous, defy common sense are in deep denial of the fact that cross-border traffic has been down since 1999, two years before 9/11. Click title above to go to attachments page & download the Econometric's report.
2010-12-31   |   View this publication   |   Atlantic Chapter, Sustainable Fisheries
Submission by Dr. Piotr Trela, Climate Change and Energy Coordinator for Sierra Club Canada, Atlantic Chapter, in response to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador public discussion document: "Coastal and Ocean Management Strategy and Policy Framework for Newfoundland and Labrador". Main points: the Discussion Document is an important step, but it has a serious structural weakness – it considers the health of the coastal zone and ocean ecosystem only as an afterthought, while it should have been the very core of the paper: without healthy ecosystem all the other issues: jobs, economy, industry, culture, will collapse, or at best, be reduced to a stump of the former self (see the devastation wrought upon this province by the cod collapse). Coastal and Ocean management policies should recognize in much more comprehensive way  the effects of climate change on the oceans,  complexity of ocean food webs and should use the "precautionary principle” as a guiding strategy. We have to admit that some fishing methods are inherently more destructive than others, and more costly,  both economically and socially. We should learn from our  mistakes and mistakes of others - learn the lessons from oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and implement them in our regulatory system for our offshore oil. We need to put the health of the ecosystem at the centre of all coastal and ocean policies; have a dedicated body within the government  to coordinate the ocean management;  involve the public (e.g. through an advisory council). The province needs to lobby the federal governemnt and commit also its own resources to fund  scientific research and the work of environmental non-governmental organizations (NGO), which provide research, education and stimulate public engagement. If new project and core funding for ENGOs' is not provided, ENGOs' expertise and delivery capacity in this area will be lost. The failure to provide such (very modest) funding would not only narrow the public discourse, but also would cost taxpayer much more in the long run -  the replacement of ENGO's educational and research capacity by the government, if doable at all, would be much more expensive.
2010-12-22   |   View this publication   |   Atlantic Chapter, Water, Water Conservation, Atmosphere & Energy
for NS 
 SUMMARY While the Sierra Club Canada – Atlantic Canada Chapter supports rate restructuring of water, waste water and storm utilities in the interest of improved management and sustainability, the current rate structure application does not sufficiently address questions of efficient allocation of resources, adequate revenues over time, and increased innovation and conservation.
2010-11-16   |   View this publication   |   none
Please copy and paste the form below and email, fax or mail it to our Halifax office: Sierra Club Canada - Atlantic Canada Chapter 1657 Barrington St., Suite 137 Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2A1 Tel.: 902-444-3113 Fax:: 902-444-3116 Email:   If you are unsure about any of the questions in the form, please contact us at 902-444-3113.  
2010-11-09   |   View this publication   |   Atlantic Chapter, Sustainable Fisheries, Oceans, Protecting Biodiversity
A map illustrating percentage of fishing sets (from all fisheires and all gear types) containing deep sea corals off southern Newfoundland (Northwest Atlantic Fishieries Organization 3O) for 2004 and 2005.
2010-10-17   |   View this publication   |   Climate Change, Ontario Chapter, Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture, Waste Diversion, Health & Environment, Transition to Sustainable Economy
  Guelph growth: SCO says, 'Don't sacrifice the environment!', The Money Tree: Home Renovation Tax Credit opportunities, welcome John Bennett as new SCC Director, sustainable cities are different than sustaining wildlands, positive Northern ON agricultural trends - a report from Thunder Bay, Dumpsite 41 blockade a success, and more...
2010-10-17   |   View this publication   |   Ontario Chapter, Energy Onslaught, Atmosphere & Energy, Health & Environment
  Deepwater Horizon/ tar sands and the need to clean up our act, children need wild time, York Energy Centre in King Township defies democracy, The G20 = lost opportunities for climate work, and more...
2010-10-17   |   View this publication   |   Climate Change, Ontario Chapter, Right to Water, Water, CAFE Canada, Water Quality, National Water Strategy, Water Exports, Atmosphere & Energy, Health & Environment
Diversity Program will strengthen the Green Movement and SCO, road tolls - the best option for transit expansion, water issues are a focal point for Greening Nipissing, and more...
2010-10-17   |   View this publication   |   Climate Change, Climate Summits, Ontario Chapter, Atmosphere & Energy
Priorities for preservation in Peel, Pedal for the Planet pushes for policy not climate change, international policy & cooperation needed to combat global climate change, TO City election evaluations, and more...
2010-10-14   |   View this publication   |   Ontario Chapter, Toxics Awareness and Education, Toxics, Trade and Environment, Nuclear-Free Canada, Atmosphere & Energy, Health & Environment, Transition to Sustainable Economy
No Going Home: victim of toxic contamination in Cambridge ON describes the effect on her life, ON building codes need updating for sustainable materials, protecting the Rouge via National Park status, can Sierra help Canada become the next green "economic tiger"?, ON takes a nuclear time-out, and more...


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