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  1. Blue whale receives honourable mention as Atlantic chiefs call for moratorium

    Zack Metcalfe Sierra Club Atlantic July 17, 2014 "The Atlantic Salmon and the blue whales are both very precious creatures to our nations," said Chief Claude Jeannotte of Gespeg, Quebec. He spoke in Halifax on behalf of these two struggling spec ...

    2014-07-18 18:00

  2. Low calving rates among blue whales cause for concern

    The old get older and the young are never born Zack Metcalfe Sierra Club Atlantic July 27, 2014 Each blue whale has a unique pattern of spots of its back, like a fingerprint or a nametag. These spots allow researchers to identify each whale as either a ne ...

    2014-07-27 17:22

  3. Electric vehicles offer lane change to Nova Scotia

    See an electric vehicle next to you on the road and you might not distinguish it from any other gas guzzler confronting rush hour traffic. But drive one yourself...and you won't soon shake the experience. Electric vehicles (EVs) are powered entirely ...

    2015-09-30 15:44

  4. The perils of sharing our roadways

    Watch for Wildlife program puts untimely collisions in public eye Zack Metcalfe The Chronicle Herald August 14, 2016 In the early fall of last year, while driving home down the Bedford Highway, I saw something which I never quite forgot. The vehicles on t ...

    2016-08-16 13:04