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  1. ACTION ALERT: Oppose Proposed Reductions in Protected Area of Ontario’s Greenbelt

    Yvonne Ho's blog The following article was written by Dr. John Bacher, Greenbelt advocate and a member of Sierra Club Ontario. Through a threefold series of announcements a process has been set in motion which could result in substantial reductions t ...

    2017-02-25 00:17

  2. ACTION ALERT: Help us Grow Ontario's Greenbelt to Protect Precious Water Resources

    email facebook linkedin twitter google+ pinterest Yvonne Ho's blog ACTION ALERT! We are rapidly nearing the finish line for our shared task of growing Ontario’s Greenbelt! So many environmental groups and individuals have given their suggestions and ...

    2018-01-29 12:17

  3. ACTION ALERT: Act Now to Protect our Greenbelt from Costly Urban Sprawl

    Yvonne Ho's blog Going from Greenbelt to a ‘Swiss Cheese belt’... On Monday March 20th, the development industry hosted a lobby day at Queen’s Park to drive home the message that land in and around the Greenbelt is essential to avert the growing hous ...

    2017-03-22 10:30

  4. About The Ontario Chapter

    Français At Sierra Club Ontario, our work mainly focuses on protecting the Great Lakes ecosystem, growing and protecting the Greenbelt, and promoting Green Energy adoption in Ontario. Sierra Club Ontario also works on very local issues, in coordination wi ...

    2017-02-10 19:28

  5. Abolish White Belt

    Anonymous's blog One of the key weaknesses in the reformed land use planning system in Ontario that was developed around 2005 and is now subject to review through public meetings is the planning black hole known as the “White Belt.” This is an area b ...

    2015-05-19 21:38

  6. A Victory for Farmlands and the Niagara Escarpment

    Yvonne Ho's blog "Lost Resources equal lost jobs." The following article was written by Dr. John Bacher of the Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society (PALS), and originally published on The Media Co-op. Although not captured by the majo ...

    2017-03-22 16:50

  7. A Memorial for Dan McDermott

    Yvonne Ho's blog On Saturday May 27th, over 100 of Dan's friends, family, and colleagues came together to pay tribute to him and the wonderful work that he's done throughout his lifetime in fighting for environmental justice, not only here ...

    2017-06-30 14:39

  8. A Day on Ward's Island with Dan McDermott and Friends

    Gretchen Fitzgerald's blog This past weekend, the Ontario Chapter hosted a lovely event on Ward Island (a quick ferry ride from downtown Toronto)  to celebrate the legacy of Dan McDermott, who has spent 18 years working for Sierra Club and 40 years i ...

    2016-10-05 17:45

  9. "Canada's Oceans: Towards 2020"- Protecting Canada's Oceans through the Power of Science, Art, and Policy

    email facebook linkedin twitter google+ pinterest Yvonne Ho's blog " Let's change our national motto- "From sea to sea" forgets that we have three oceans; the Arctic is largest part of our coastline. We're an ocean nation, if ...

    2017-12-21 16:05