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We must close the Chicago waterways connections to keep Asian carp from taking over our Great Lakes and beyond before it is too late!

The long awaited report from the US Army Corps of Engineers on how to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes has finally been released. The report evaluates the many waterways connecting the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan –all potential avenues to allow several species of Asian carp into the Great Lakes. The 5 year report costing $20M is titled Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study (GLMRIS).

Silver and bighead carp already make up about 95% of the biomass in rivers downstream of the Chicago River. Over a century ago Chicago built a canal to reverse the flow of the Chicago River to divert their sewage and stormwater south into the Mississippi rather than their waterfront beaches. The “reversed” Chicago River flow has been supported by two US Supreme Court decisions.... Read more »

Overwhelming Crowd Packs House for a Star Studded Panel

TORONTO – The overwhelming response to a panel interview with David Crombie, Paul Bedford, Jane Fairburn and Jack Diamond, moderated by renowned journalist John Lorinc and keynote address by former mayor David Miller,  resulted in NOJetsTO looking for a larger venue. Supporters for the NOJetsTO campaign flocked from across Toronto to fill the OISE auditorium on a chilly Monday night, making the event an outright success.

“The event was a success and the packed house confirmed that the support for NOJetsTO is enormous, spans the GTA and is growing day by the day.” NoJetsTO chair Anshul Kapoor said. “It is clear that Torontonians can see beyond Porter Airlines misleading advertising campaign, and want to save their waterfront.”... Read more »



Sierra Club Ontario wishes to congratulate the Government of Ontario for proposing the Great Lakes Protection Act (GLPA). The recent Second Reading passage of the GLPA provides encouragement that the long delayed Act may become law. For this to occur, support will be necessary. As well, time and political agendas come into play as a provincial election is likely in the spring. The immediate business at hand is the committee process leading to Third Reading and the opportunity to strengthen the GLPA to ensure the prioritization of commitments needed to achieve the goal of a Great Lakes that are sustainable with healthy ecosystems.

Sierra Club Ontario supports a GLPA that clearly addresses the priority issues that must dealt with by Ontario and other Great Lakes Governments to achieve the realization of the above goal. These issues include:... Read more »

Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities, Brampton wants Action on Climate Change

By: Rosemary Keenan

Saturday Nov. 16 a group of volunteers in Peel brought a strong message to local MP's in Brampton. We participated in a "Bike for the Climate" event, riding the Etobicoke Creek Trail from MP Parm Gill's office to MP Kyle Seeback's office. We carried signs with the message that we don't want dirty tar sands or leaky pipelines running through our communities. We invited both MPs to participate but they didn't respond to our invitation. 

Our group was one of 130 groups across Canada that formed a united wall of opposition to dangerous pipelines and reckless expansion of the tar sands. We want our government to Defend our Climate, and Defend our Communities. Click here to see photos of the action across the country. ... Read more »

Peel Region Group

Sierra Club Group active in Peel Region


Sierra Club Peel group is a group of concerned citizens who volunteer their time to carry out environmental campaigns and conservation projects within the Peel Region. The group's aim is to educate and empower the residents of Peel to be defenders and responsible stewards of the natural environment. The Peel group has three goals:... Read more »


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