Sierra Club Canada Foundation operates programs that reflect the ongoing concerns and priorities of our members and supporters.

Natural Capital

Natural Capital refers to the stock of natural resources and environmental assets, and how they contribute to building healthy communities. The Natural Capital perspective is a way of placing a monetary value on the benefits, known as ecological goods and services, that nature naturally provides to humans. Examples include: regulating climate, water purification, erosion control, flood protection, and providing health benefits. 

Natural Capital is a way of communicating how much nature is worth, in the hopes to make better policy and development decisions in the future.

Coal Fire Plant Phase Out

In Ontario, coal power plants supply approximately 10% of the energy used to power factories, homes and businesses. However, the negative environmental effects of burning coal are well known: increasing CO2 and methane concentrations in the atmosphere and release of toxic heavy metals.

Tell Premier Stelmach Coal Kills

Tell Premier Stelmach Coal Kills

As the world grapples with climate change, the Alberta government is poised to grant approval to a new coal-fired power plant without even holding a public hearing.

Please take a moment and send a letter to Premier Ed Stelmach and the Alberta Utilities Commission to let them know you oppose Maxim Power Corporation’s plan to build a 500-megawatt plant near Grande Cache, Alberta.

This one mega-coal plant would generate three million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year (the equivalent of adding 590,000 vehicles to the road over its 45-year lifespan) and discharge mercury and pollutants responsible for smog and acid rain.

Even the oil giant EnCana said it’s bad idea.

Pickering Airport/ Duffins Creek

Land in North Pickering was expropriated during the 1970's to be used as an airport. The plans were contested from the start and citizens stopped the original proposal. Now, thirty years later the issue has resurfaced. This time it is not only the lands at risk, but also the last remaining undeveloped habitat to many species.

Waste Diversion

The manner in which we deal with our ''waste" is a key part of the foundation of a sustainable world.  Isn't sustainability another word for balance? We must learn how to use the world's resources such as wood, rocks, metals and oil in a more balanced manner.

Great Lakes Protection

Our Great Lakes Campaign committee is looking at environmental education programs for water conservation and advocating for stronger policies for pollution prevention. We work collaboratively with the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter in the States to implement solutions dedicated to restoring and protecting the health of these lakes.

Other concerns are acid rain, airborne toxics, depletion of wetland areas, increased demands on the shoreline land base. The impacts associated with the introduction of exotic species, and climate change, as well as drug residues in sewage effluent and the discovery that flame-retardants leaking from computers and mattresses are building up rapidly in the tissues of many animals living in the lakes.