Protest in front of the Canadian Minister of the Environment against Bay du Nord. Equinor Offshore Oil Impacts.

Impacts of offshore drilling on biodiversity

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Conor Curtis and Marie-Eve Leclerc

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The oil projects of the Norwegian company Equinor, such as Bay du Nord off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, threaten marine ecosystems. The most recent estimates indicate that Bay du Nord could produce between 300 million and one billion barrels of oil over its lifetime. Imagine, if an accident or a leak were to occur at sea, the repercussions on marine life would be catastrophic.

A bird watching Sierra Club Canada's All Hands on Deck WebinarsAs part of COP15 and our All Hands On Deck webinar series, Sierra Club Canada, Équiterre and the Council of Canadians invite you to attend this conference to hear various speakers from international NGOs discuss the risks to marine ecosystems from Equinor’s oil projects and how, by various means, we can prevent these from seeing the light of day.


– Ragnhild Elisabeth Waagaard, WWF Norway

– Rafael Colombo, (Asociación Argentina de Abogades Ambientalistas y Alianza Global por los Derechos de la Naturaleza).

– Misty Rizzo, a Biologist at the ICO – Instituto de Cultura Oceânica.

– Gretchen Fitzgerald, Sierra Club Canada, pour le projet Bay du Nord

– Rune Woldsnes, Uplift, campagne Fight for the Bight, Australie

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