Sierra Youth Kayaking Trip. Sierra Youth Environment Podcast. The youth Coalition, Sierra Club Canada, empowers young people. Our Sierra Youth podcast interviews academics, experts, and environmentalists.

The Sierra Youth Podcast

Myia Antone - a proud youth from Squamish nation. Myia is a teacher of the Skwxwú7mesh language, the founder of Indigenous Women Outdoors, and also a wicked mountain biker, skier, and paddler. Sierra Youth Environment Podcast.Hi everyone, welcome to Sierra Youth Podcast, hosted by the youth committee of the Sierra Club Canada – we host conversations for a healthy planet and healthy communities. Stay tuned for education on all things related to environmental justice!

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Sierra Youth Environment Podcast. Conversation with Janelle Lapointe, Afro-Indigenous Climate Justice and Indigenous Rights Activist.Hosted by: Brynna Kagawa-Visentin, Micaela Yawney, Jackie Layton, Jessica Cloutier, and Emily Markholm

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